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Jabali = A sage.
Jabari = Valiant.courageous.
Jabin = God has built.
Jacan = Trouble.
Jace = Short form of Jason.
Jacelyn = Jason. Healing.
Jacinto = Masculine form of the Greek name Hyacinth, meaning 'alas'.
Jack = A name based on John or Jacques, the French form of Jacob. His favor.
Jackie = Strong and Courageous.
Jackson = Son of Jack.
Jacob = Supplanter.The son of Isaac and Rebekah and twin brother of Esau.Jacob fathered 12 sons and a daughter, who became the ancestors of the nation of Israel.
Jacques = Supplanter. Variant form of Jacob.
Jaden = God has heard.
Jadyn = God has heard.
Jaelie = Mountain goat. Climber
Jafar = Little stream.
Jagadatma = Soul of the world.Vishnu.
Jagadeep = Light of the world.The Sun.
Jagadeesh = King of the world.
Jagadwikhyat = World famous.
Jagdish = Jagat+Ishwar.
Jagajit = One who conquered the world.
Jagan = World. Universe.
Jaganmitra = Friend of the world.
Jaganmohan = SriKrishna.
Jagannath = King of the universe. Vishnu.
Jagath = World.Universe.
Jagmohan = Sri Krishna.
Jago = Variant of James used in Cornwall.
Jaiden = Precious.
Jairdan = One who finds light and brings enlightenment.
Jaiganesh = Victorious Ganapati.
Jaimini = Principle Disciple.
Jairam = Victorious Rama.
Jaishankar = Victorious Shiva.
Jaithra = Victorious Vishnu,Shiva,Jina,Arjun.
Jahi = Dignified.
Jake = Dimunitive form of Jacob.
Jaladhar = Cloud.
Jaladhi = The Sea.
Jaladhij = Moon
Jalan = Cloud.
Jalaneel = Blue colour of the sea.
Jaleel, Jalil = Influence. Radiance. Jamadagni = A sage.
Jamal = Handsome.
Jambukeshwar = Shiva.Eashwar. Jambuvanth = Bear King.
Jameel = Handsome.
James = Variant of Jacob. One of the 12 apostles of Jesus, who possibly was also a cousin of Jesus.
Jamie = James
Jamil = Handsome.
Jamin = Right hand of favor.
Jamison = Son of James.
Jan = Variant of John. His favor.
Janak = Father of Sita.
Janakinandan = Son of Janaki. Janakiram = Ram with Janaki (Sita). Janamejaya = Pareekshit's son. Janardhan = Vishnu.
Janette = Gracious God.
Jangam = Moving God.Ascetic.
Janis = A form of John.
Janine = Variant of John. Gift from God. Jansen = Son of John.
Jared = Descending. Name of a pre-flood ancestor of Jesus.
Jarred = He Descends.
Jarrell = A good Leader.
Jaroslav = Glory of spring.
Jarvis = Spear-sharp.
Jasbir = Famous victorious hero.
Jascha = Supplanter.
Jashan = Celebration.
Jason = A healing.Name of an early Christian associate of Paul.
Jasper = Treasure.
Jataved = Agni.
Jatayu = A bird who fought with ravana when he was carrying away sita and died.
Jatin = Sage, Muni.
Javier = Onwer of newly constructed house.
Jawahar = Jewel.
Jay = From the birds called jays.
Jayadeep = Lamp of Victory.
Jayden = God has heard.
Jaydev = One who always win.
Jay Jasvant = Victorious famous.
Jaya Prakash = Glowing/Shining with victory.
Jayachamarajendra = Name of the last King of Mysore.
JayaChandra = One who won over moon. Another name of Lord Shiva.
Jayadbal = Sahadev's name during hiding period.
Jayadev = Name of a famous poet who composed 'Git Govind'.
Jayadhar = Victorious.
Jayagopal = Victorous Krishna.
Jayakumar = Victorious.
Jayan = Victory.
Jayanand = Happy in his victory.
Jayant = Indra's son.
Jayaprakash = Glowing/Shining with victory.
Jayaraj = Victorious King.
Jayaram = Victorious Ram.
Jayasena = A king of Avanthi, Brother-in-law of Vasudev.
Jayashankar = Victorious Shiva.
Jayasimha = Name of a king. Victorious Lion.
Jayatheertha = Holy victory.
Jayatsena = Nakula's name during hiding period.
Jayavardhan = Extending the Victory.
Jayawardhan = Who increases victory.
Jayendra = Victorious.
Jayesh = Bhima's name during hiding period.
Jayson = A contemporary of Jason.
Jean = His favor.
Jeb = Friend of God.
Jed = Hand.
Jedidiah = Beloved of the Lord.
Jeemoot = Cloud.
Jeemootavahan = Indra, A Naga(Serpent).
Jeevak = Jain Ascetic.
Jeevan = Life.
Jeevatma = The Soul.
Jeevotham = Best living being,The God.
Jefferson = Jeffery's son.
Jeffrey = Divinely peaceful.
Jeirk = Strong. Helpful. Caring & Manly.

Jelani = Powerful.
Jemond = I'm the world.
Jene = Well born.
Jennings = Descendants of John.
Jensen = God is gracious
Jeremiah = God will uplift.
Jeremy = God will uplift. Raise up.
Jeremyn = A German.
Jerim = Kind hearted. Full of love.
Jerome = Sacred name.
Jess = Wealthy.
Jesus = God is my salvation.
Jesse = Jehovah exists. Name of the shepherd father of King David.
Jethro = Abundance.
Jhenkar = Humming sound of the bee or beetle.
Jigar = Heart.
Jignas = Thirst for knowledge.
Jim = Variant of Jacob.
Jina = Holy person.
Jinaprasad = Gift of Jina.
Jishnu = Victorious, Vishnu,Shiva,Jina,Arjun.
Jitendra = One has control over sense organs.
Jitendriya = Who has control over sense organs.
Joab = God is the father.
Joachim = God will judge.
Joan = Helper.
Joanna = God is Gracious.
Joanne = His favor.
Jodi = The Lords Praise.
Joel = God is willing.
Jehovah is the Lord.
Johann = God has been gracious.
Johar = Salute.

John = His favor. God has been gracious.
Joji = Japanese form of George.
Jonah = Dove.
Jonas = Dove.
Jonathan = God has given.
Jorge = Farmer.
Jose = God will increase.
Jordan = Descending.
Jose = He shall increase.
Joseph = He shall increase. The son of Jacob. Joseph was the one that was sold into slavery by his brothers, rose to become a supreme power in Egypt. Also Jesus earthly father, a carpenter. May Jah give increase.
Josh = Jehovah is my salvation.
Joshua = God is my salvation. Joshua = Jehovah is salvation. Joshua was an attendant and helper to Moses during the Israelites' 40 year trek through the Sinai wilderness. He was appointed by God to lead the Israelites after the death of Moses.
Josiah = The Lord's fire.
Jotham = God is perfect.
Jovan = Young prince. One who is powerful and commanding . Father of the sky.
Juan = God has been gracious.John.
Julian = Jove's child.
Jubal = Ram's horn.
Judah = Praised.
Judd = Praised.
Judson = Judah's son.
Jules = Belonging to julius.
Julian = Belonging to julius.
Julius = Youthful. Downy-bearded.
Junius = Youthful.
Jurgen = Farmer.
Justice = To deliver what is just.
Justin = Upright. Just.
Jwalanath = Agni.
Jwalanth = Shining,Blazing object.
Jwalaprasad = Gift of Agni.
Jwalin = Shiva.
Jyothilingam = Shivalinga at Arunachalam.
Jyothiprakash = Light of a lamp.
Jyothirmandal = The Solar system.
Jyothishmat = Sun,Son of king priyavrat who ruled over Rushadweep.
Kaci = Thorny.
Kadamba = Name of a dynasty which ruled over ancient Karnataka.
Kai = Ocean (Hawai Origin).
Kadar = Powerful.
Kade = Wetlands.
Kadin = Companion.
Kadmiel = God is the ancient one.
Kailas = Home of Lord Shiva. Hills where Shiva lived.
Kailasanath = One who lives in Kailas. Shiva.
Kainoa = Strong Warrior
Kaivalya = Vaikunta, Vishnu's abode.
Kaivalyanath = Vishnu.
Kalabhairav = Shiva the destroyer.
Kalad = Wealthy. Money.
Kalakant = A cuckoo. Nightingale. A song bird.
Kalakesari = Artist. Lion of arts. One who is well versed with arts.
Kalash = A vessel filled with water for worship. Topmost part of the tower of a temple.
Kalatapaswi = A man who dedicated to arts, A connoisseur.
Kalicharan = Feet of Goddess Kali. Devotee of Kali.
Kalidas = Servant of Goddess Kali. Name of a famous dramatist who was one of the 9 gems in the court of King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini in ancient India. Servant of Goddess Kali. Name of a famous poet.
Kalidasa = Servant of Goddess Kali. Name of a famous dramatist who was one of the 9 gems in the court of King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini in ancient India.
Kalil = Crown. Wreath.
Kalind = Mountain from which river yamuna takes birth.
Kalmit = Desired coveted.
Kalpaj = Born in heaven,A deva.
Kalpak = A tree in heaven which gives whatever you ask.A day of Bhrahma.A division in Vedas.
Kalyan = Happiness. Prosperity. Kalyana = Happiness. Prosperity. Kamaal = Wonder.
Kamal = Lotus.
Kamalaksh = One whose eyes resemble lotus. Vishnu.
Kamalanath = Vishnu.
Kamalesh = Vishnu.
Kamil = Perfect.
Kamyak = Desired. Name of a forest. Kanak = Gold.
Kanan = Forest.
Kannappan = Father of eyes.
Kanchan = Name of a sage. Kandarpa = Cupid.
Kane = Bright.
Kanishka = Name of an ancient Indian king who supported Buddhism. Small.
Kannan = Krishna.
Kansan = People of the South Wind. Swift.
Kanth = Light. Lord. Lover. Shine. Radiance. Brightness.
Kantirava = Animal which roars. Lion. Kanva = A sage Shakuntala's foster father. Name of a river.
Kapil = Name of a sage.
Kapil = Lord Hanuman.
Kapilash = Lord Hanuman.
Kapilkumar = Lord Hanuman.
Kapinjal = Son of a sage.
Kareem = Kind.
Karim = Generous.
Kariraj = King of poetry. A poet.
Karkotak = Serpent King.
Karl = Manly.
Karna = Kunti & Surya's son. Kunti's eldest son gifted by Sun God. Duryodhan's best friend. A famous archer.
Karpur = Camphor.
Karthik = Bestowing Courage and Pleasure. Name of a month in the Hindu calendar.
Karthikeyan = One who was brought up by star Krittika. Shanmukha.
Karthiveryarjun = A king.
Karun = Sympathy. Compassion.
Karuna = One who wants to please.
Karunal = Compassionate, Kind, Merciful person.
Karunesh = Lord of Sympathy.
Kasara = Pond.
Kashinath = Vishwanath diety of Shiva at Kashi temple.
Kashipathi = Vishwanath diety of Shiva at Kashi temple.
Kashyap = A sage.
Kasimir = Herald of peace.
Kasper = Treasure.
Kasturiranga = Lord Ranganath.
Kathan = Narration. Story telling. Kathyayan = A great sage.
Katriel = The Lord's crown.
Kauravya = A naga king. Father of Uloopi.
Kaushal = Skill. Proficiency.
Kaushik = Name of a king of Suryavamsh who later became a poweful sage Vishwamitra.
Kausthub = A gem worn by vishnu. Kautuk = Wonder, Inquisitiveness, A keen desire to learn.
Kavalesh = Vishnu.
Kavan = A poem. Lyrical composition. A song.
Kaveen = Poet.
Kavera = A sage Kaveri's father. Kaveriranga = Lord Ranganath at temples on the banks of river kaveri.
Kavi = A poet.
Kavindra = A poet.
Kaviraj = A poet.
Kavyanand = Poetic enjoyment.
Kayle = Mighty Warrior.
Keane = Sharp. Handsome.
Keaton = Place of hawks.
Kedar = A pilgrim centre in the Himalayas (Kedarnath).
Kedaar = A pilgrim centre in the Himalayas (Kedarnath).
Kedarnath = Diety worshipped at Badari.
Keefe = Handsome. Lovable.
Keegan = Ardent little one.
Keenan = Little old one.
Keerthibhooshan = Person whose adornment is fame.
Keerthimanth = Dhruva's brother.
Keerthinath = Famous person.
Keerthivanth = Famous man.
Keerti = Glory. Fame.
Keevin = Pain taker.
Keir = Dark-skinned.
Keith = Of the forest.
Kelby = From the farm by the springs.
Kelly = Lively. Aggressive. Warrior. Brave.
Kelsey = Dweller by the water.
Kendall = From the valley of Kent. Ruler of the valley.
Kendra = Wisdom.
Kendrick = Henry's son.
Kenley = From the royal meadow.
Kennedy = Helmeted.
Kenneth = Good looking. Fair. Handsome. Sprung from fire.
Kent = Bright. White.
Kenny = A form of kenneth.
Kenway = Bold in battle.
Kenyatta = Knowledge of the son.
Kenyi = First male child born after 3+ female siblings.
Kenyon = Fair-haired.
Kerak = Ancient hindu warrior.
Kermit = Free man.
Kerry = Dark Haired. Dusky. Dark. Patient person. Kind. Wonderful.
Kesar = Lion.
Kesari = Name of a spice.
Ketan = Banner. Flag. Emblem. Symbol.
Keval = Absolute. Pure.
Kevalnath = Vishnu.
Kevin = Handsome child.
Kevlar = one who is born from the flames into greatness, a living god.
Keyur = Armlet.
Khadyothan = The Sun.
Khalid = Immortal. Eternal.
Khavand = Master.
Khechar = A class of celestial beings. Angles. Gandharvas.
Khudiram = Ramakrishna paramahamsa's father.
Khushnaz = Happy Face. Joyful. Glad.
Khuswant = Happy.
Khyath = Famous.
Khyati = Fame.
Ki = Arisen.
Kiara = Dusky. Dark-hair.
Kieran = Little dark one.
Killian = Warrior.
Kim = Chief.
Kimayraa = Golden Moon Kimball = Royally brave.
Kimiya = Rare and Pericious.
King = Ruler.
Kingsley = From the king's meadow.
Kingston = From the king's estate.
Kinnar = A demi god.
Kiran = A ray of light. Sunlight ray.
Kiranjit = Sunshines victory.
Kipp = From the pointed hill.
Kirby = From the church town.
Kireet = Crown. Glory. Another name for Arjun.
Kireet = Crown. Glory. Another name for Arjun.
Kirk = Dwellar near Church.
Kirk = Of the church.
Kirn = A ray of light.
Kishan = Krishna.
Kishore = A small boy.
Kit = Christ-bearer. One who belives Christ. With Christ inside. Bearing Christ.
Kito = Gym.
Klaus = Victoriuos.Conquerer of the people. Name of one of the seven "qualified men" in the first century Christian congregation.
Knight = Saviour.
Knox = Of the hills.
Knud = Kind.
Knut = Knot.
Knute = Knot.
Kobi = Brave Warrior.
Kodandaram = Sriram with his bow called kodanda.
Kodhandaraman = Lord Sree Ram.
Kody = Helpful.
Kohinoor = A famous diamond.
Kokil = A Cuckoo. Nightangle.
Kowinko = Lord Siva or Shiva or Shiv


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