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Kohav =Star
Komal = Delicate. Soft
Koroco = Japanese American Soldier.
Koundinya = Name of a sage.
Kovalum = Delicate. Precious.
Kovid = A learned man.
Kripa = Mercy. Grace. Favour.
Kripacharya = Drona's brother-in-law.
Kripal = Kind merciful person.
Kripasagar = Full of Kindness.
Krishna = Delightful. Incarnation of Vishnu. 9th of Dasavatharas = 1. Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3. Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5. Vamana, 6. Parasurama, 7. Rama, 8. Balarama, 9. Krishna & 10. Kalki.
Krishnadwaipayan = Name of sage vedavyas.
Krispin = Curly haired.
Kristen = God-Bearer. Annointed.
Kristi = Follower of Christ.
Kristin = Annointed one, Beautiful and fair, Devoted to love ones, Someone who cares. Christ bearer.
Kritagya = A grateful person.
Kriti = Work of art. Literary work. Something accomplished.
Kritivvarma = Krishna's friend. A yadava warrior.
Krounch = A bird.
Kshama = Forgiveness.
Kshamasheel = Who forgives.
Kshemandhar = Name of a Manu in Jain Mythology.
Kshemankar = Name of a Manu in Jain Mythology.
Kshiteendra = A king.
Kshitija = Horizon.
Kshitipal = A king.
Kubera = God of wealth.
Kulakeerthi = Fame of the family.
Kulapati = Chancellor, A teacher of the olden days who taught and looked after ten thousand pupils.
Kulavanth = Of noble birth.
Kuldeep = Light of the family.
Kuleen = High born.
Kulkarni = Surname.
Kumarila = A sanskrit scholar and author.
Kumi = Strong.
Kumud = Lotus.
Kunal = Name of a devotee of Vishnu. Kundan = Art of setting precious stones in gold.
Kunigargya = Father of sulabha. A sage.
Kunik = A minister of Dhritharastra.
Kunwarjit = Prince of Princes.
Kuriakos = One who is devoted to God, devoted to serve a master.
Kurt = Wise. Counselor.
Kurtus = Unique. The Shinning one.
Kush = Rama's son.
Kushad = Cloud.
Kushadwaj = Janak's brother.
Kushaj = Lotus.
Kushal = Talented. Skilful.
Kushraj = Rama's son.
Kusumakar = Garden. Tree. Plant. Creeper.
Kusumanabh = Vishnu.
Kusumesh = Delicate person. Lord of flower.
Kusumit = Blossomed. Flowering. Kutmal = A bud.
Kutuhal = Marvel.Wonder.Curiosity. Yearning.
Kuval = Lotus.
Kuvam = Sun.
Kyla = Name of a place.
Kyle = Fair. Handsome. Victory. Crowned with laurel.Handsome.
Laalit = Loved.Pampered.
Lakshan = Good look.Special quality. Lakshman = Brother of Sri Rama. Son of Sumitra.
Laban = White.
Laina = Ray of sun.
Laird = Proprietor.
Lakshmeesh = Goddess Lakshmi's Lord.Vishnu.
Lakshmikant = Consort of Goddess Lakshmi. Vishnu.
Lakshminarayan = Goddess Lakshmi's Lord. Vishnu.
Lakshmiraman = Goddess Lakshmi's Lord. Vishnu.
Lakshya = Motive.
Lalam = Best among its kind.Crow-like.
Lalataksha = One having an eye on his brow.Shiva.Eashwar.
Lalit = Simple. Beautiful.
Lalitamohan = Simple and Handsom person.
Lamar = Close to the sea.
Lambodar = Vinayaka, Ganesh.
Lamar = The sea.
Lambert = Bright land.
Lamont = Lawyer.
Lance = Helper.
Landen = Landowner.
Landis = From the grassy plain.
Lando = Landowner.
Landon = Landowner.
Landyn = Landowner.
Lane = From the lane.
Lang = Tall one.
Langdon = From the long hill.
Langley = From the long meadow.
Lara = Protection. Renowned.
Larry = Crowned with laurel.
Larry = Short form of Lawrence and Laurence
Lars = Crowned with laurel. Victory.
Latif = Elegant.
Latifah = Refined.
Laron = Thief.
Larson = Lars' son.
Lateef = The subtle one.
Latham = Dweller by the barns.
Lathrop = From the low village.
Latimer = Interpreter.
Lauren = Crowned with laurel. Variant form of Lawrence.
Laurence = Crowned with laurel.
Lav = Name of Lord Sri Ram's elder son (Kush = younger son).
Lavi = Lion.
Lavraj = Rama's son.
Lawford = From the ford on the hill. Lawrence = Crowned with laurel.
Lawson = Son of Lawrence.
Lawton = From the hill town or hill estate.
Lazar = Whom god hath helped. Lazarus = Whom god hath helped. Leander = Lion - man.
Lee = Poet. From the meadow.
Leif = Beloved.
Leigh = From the meadow.
Leighton = From the meadow estate. Leith = Wide river.
Lekhak = An author.
Lekhan = Writing.Article.
Leland = Meadowland.
Lemuel = Consecrated to god.
Lennard = A lion's heart.
Lennox = Scottish place name.
Leo = Lion.
Leon = Lion
Leonard = Bold as a lion.
Leopold = Defender of the people.
Leroy = The king.
Leslie = From the gray fortress. The name of a prominent Scottish clan. Lester = From the camp or legion.
Lev = Lion.
Levi = Joined in devotion.
Levent = Joined in harmony. Son of Jacob.
Lewin = Beloved friend.
Lewis = Beloved friend
Liam = Gaelic form of William.
Likhit = Brother of sage Shanka. Lincoln = From the settlement by the pool.
Lindberg = From the linden tree hill. Lindley = Of the linden tree meadow. Lindsay = From the linden tree island. Linus = Flaxen-haired.
Lionel = Lion.
Liron = The song is mine.
Llewellyn = Lionlike.
Lloyd = Sacred. Gray-haired.
Lochan = Eye.
Lochlainn = From the land of vikings.
Lohit = Red colour.
Lohitashwa = Who has a red horse.
Harischandra's son.
Logan = Meadow. From the hollow.
Lois = Short for Louisa.Pleasing.
Lokamithra = Friend of the whole world.
Lokanath = Savior of the world. Shiva.
Lokasundar = Very handsome.
Lokendra = Shiva.
Lokesh = Shiva.
Lokeshwar = Shiva.
Lokotthar = Supernatural divine.
Lombard = Lond-beard.
Lon = Crowned with laurel.
Loren = Crowned with laurel.
Lorenzo = Crowned with laurel.
Lorimer = Harness-maker.
Loring = Famous in war.
Lotan = To protect.
Loughlan = Lake of the land.
Louis = Renowned warrior.

Louise = Feminine for Louis. Renowned fighter
Lousia = Feminine for Louis.Renowned fighter.
Lowell = Beloved.
Lucas = Light. Illumination. One who brings light.
Lucifer = Light Bearer.
Lucius = Bringer of light.
Ludwig = Renowned warrior.
Luis = Renowned warrior.
Luke = Renowned warrior.
Luna = Moon
Luther = Famous warrior.
Lydell = From the wide dell.
Lyman = Man of the meadows.
Lyndon = From the linden tree hill.
Lyndsay = Name of a place of linden trees.
Lyndsey = Name of a place of linden trees.
Lyndsy = Name of a place of linden trees.
Lynn = Waterfall.
Lynnard = A Lion's heart.
Lysander = Liberator.
Jacinta = Beautiful.
Jacoba = Feminine of Jacob.
Jacqueline = Feminine of Jacques.
Jada = Wise.
Jade = Stone.
Jagadamba = Mother of Universe. Goddess Parvathi. Jagadeeswari = Godess Lalithamba.

Jaganmohini = Most attractive in the world. Miss Universe.
Jael = She-goat.
Jafit = Beautiful.
Jahnavi = Riven Ganga.
Jaidyn = God has heard.
Jalaja = One living in water. Lotus.
Jamarica = Americas heart.
Jameela = Beautiful.

Jalpa = Talk. Discussion. Discourse.
Jamila = Beautiful.
Jamuna = River Yamuna.
Jaanya = Life.
Jan = Feminine of John.
Janaka Kumari = King Janak's daughter. Sita.
Janaki = Sita. King Janak's daughter.
Janani = Mother.
Janay = A form of Jane
Janaylin = God has answered with waterfalls.
Jane = Daughter of God who is perfect. The Lord is Gracious. Feminine of John.
Janelle = A form of Jane.
Janessa = A form of Jane.
Janet = Feminine of John.
Janice = Feminine of John.
Janie = God is Gracious.
Janiece = One who walks with the god.
Janine = Gift from God. Variant of John.
Janita = A form of juanita.
Janna = God's gracious gift. Swedish feminine form of John.
Jannah = Heaven. Paradise. Garden.
Jareliese = Polymath; Asian Goddess.
Jarita = A bird in Hindu legend who, through her devotion to her offspring, became human.
Jari = Earthen Water Jug.
Jasmine = Strong in the heart. Beautiful flower.Sweet and amiable one.
Jasna = Clear. Bright.
Jaya = Victorious.
Jaya Lakshmi = Goddess Lakshmi representing success/victory.
Jaya Lalitha = Vicotorious Parvati.
Jayanthi = Name of Indra's daughter.
Jayaprada = One who gives victory.
Jayasri, Jayasree = Goddess representing success/victory.
Jayde = Derivative of Jade. A flirtatious girl, as well as a semi-precious green stone.
Jaye = Jaybird.
Jayla = A form of Jaye.
Jazmyne = Tranquility. Variation of jasmine.
Jeanne = Feminine of John.
Jeanette = Feminine of John.
Jeannine = Feminine of Gene.
Jemimah = Dove.
Jemina = Right-handed.
Jemma = dove.
Jenn = A Short form of Jennifer.
Jenna = Small bird. Heaven. Paradise. Garden. Fair one.
Jennah = Heaven. Paradise. Garden. Fair one.
Jenni = White wave.
Jennie = Well born.
Jennifer = Fair lady.
Jennifer = White wave. Fair one.
Jerusha = Inheritance. Married or possesed one.
Jesamie = Short form of Jessica.
Jessica = Wealthy. Gods gift.Majesty. Virtue.
Jessie = Wealthy. Short form of Jessica.
Jewel = Playful. A precious gem.
Jill = Diminutive of Gillian. Youthful.
Joan = Feminine of John.
Joasia = Anothere form of Joanna.
Jocelyn = Just.
Jodie = Goddess.
Jody = Praised.
Joella = Lord is willing.
Joline = He will increase.
Jordan = To flow down. Descend. Down-flowing. Name of the major river in Palestine.
Joelle = Feminine of Joel.
Jolie = Pretty.
JonBenet = Little one from God.
Jonina = Dove.
Jordana = Feminine of Jordan.
Josephine = Feminine of Joseph.
Joshika = Young maiden.
Joshita = Delighted.
Josie = Dimnutive form of Josephine.
Jovanny = Father of the land.
Joy = Joy.Delight. Happiness
Joyce = Youthful.
Juanita = Feminine of John.
Juanita = God is gracious.
Juhi = A flower.
Julianna = Youthful.
Julie = Feminine form of Julian. Young. Youthful one.
Judith = Praised.
Judy = Praised.
Julaine = Form of Julie.
Julia = Youthful.
Julie = Youthful. Feminine form of Julie.
Julius = Soft haired. Youthful.
June = Young.
Juno = Roman goddess, the wife of Jupiter.
Justine = Feminine of Justin.
Juventina = Young Christian.
Jwala = Flame. Fire.
Jyothi = Lamp. Light.
Jyothirmayi = Bright Girl.
Jyothsna = Moon Light.
Jyothsana = Morning sunlight.
Jyoti = Lamp. Light.
Jyotika = A small lamp.
Kaali = Goddess Durga . Blackness. Destroyer of time. Night. A succession of black clouds. Kadambari = A type of prose in literature. A flower.
Kadia = Pitcher.
Kaihla = version of kayla.
Kaila = Laurel. Crown.
Kailee = Form of Kaila.
Kaitlan = Pure.
Kaitlynn = An alternate form of Caitlyn. Pure.
Kajal = Black paste applied to beautify eyelids and eyebrows.
Kakul = Fleaks of hair.
Kala = Art.
Kalai = Art.
Kalaiselvi = Art. Wealthy girl. Artist.
Kalanit = Anemone.
Kali = Bud.
Kalib = Of God.
Kalidas = Servant of Goddess Kali. Name of a famous dramatist who was one of the 9 gems in the court of King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini in ancient India.
Kalidasa = Servant of Goddess Kali. Name of a famous dramatist who was one of the 9 gems in the court of King Vikramaditya of Ujjaini in ancient India.
Kalifa = Holy.
Kalika = Goddess Durga . Blackness. Destroyer of time. Night. A succession of black clouds.
Kalika Devi.
Kalindi = River Yamuna.

Kalpana = Dream. Imagination. Fancy.
Kalyani = Beautiful. Fortunate.
Kalika = Rosebud. Hindu Goddess.
Kalila = Beloved.
Kalmia = From Kalmia Latifilia, the mountain laurel.
Kalob = Of God.
Kalpana = Imagination.
Kamala = Lotus. Goddess Lakshmi.
Kanteli = Irresistible.
Kamana = Wish.
Kamania = Like the moon.
Kambria = Latin name for wales.
Kameelah = Perfect.
Kamini = A woman. Desired. Loving. Beautiful. Wish.
Kamiya = Wish.
Kanak = Corn.
Kanaka = Gold.
Kanakambari = Woman wearing gold ornaments. Name of a flower.
Kanchan = Gold.
Kanchana = Gold Necklace.
Kanchamala = Gold Necklace.
Kandicec = Nice & Wealthy. Glowing.
Kanika = Drop of gold.
Kanthi = Light. Radiance. Glow.
Kanyaka = A girl. Parvathi.
Kanyakaparameswari = Name of a goddess.
Kapila = Name of a tributery of River Kaveri.
Kara = Pure.
Karam = Generosity.
Karen = Pure.
Kari = Strong, feminine. Pure.
Karida = Untouched.
Karin = Variant form of Katherine. Pure.
Karina = Dear little one. Variant of Katherine. Pure.
Karisma = Miracle.
Karishma = Miracle.
Karma = Destiny.
Karnika = Heart of the Lotus.
Karol = Feminine form of Carl.
Karole = Joyous song.
Kasha = Beautiful.
Kashish = An attraction towards.
Kasen = Pure.
Kasey = Clever. Alert. Vigorous
Kassandra = Unheeded prophetess.
Kasturi = One who is Obese.
Katiana = Princess.
Kate = Pure.
Katharina = Pure, Virgin.
Katelyne = Beloved. Pure.
Katie = The most popular English short form of Katherine.> Katherine = Pure.
Kathleen = Pure.
Kathrina = Pure.
Kathy = Diminutive. Katherine.
Katie = Pure.Katina = Pure, Difficult.
Kaveri = Name of a River. Daughter of sage Kavera.
Katrien = Variant of Catherine.
Katrina = One of Purity, Beloved.
Kavitha = Poem.
Kavya = Literary composition. Poem.

Kay = Pure. Keeper of the keys. Kaycee = Alert. Vigorous
Kayeigh = A happy gathering.
Kayla = Keeper of the keys. Laurel. Crown. Pure. Slim & Fair.
Kaylah = Of God.
Kaylay = Variant of Kay (=Pure. Keeper of the keys)
Kaylee = Laurel. Crown.
Kayleigh = Variant of Kay (=Pure. Keeper of the keys)
Kylie = Feminine form of Kyle
Kedma = Towards the east.
Keely = Graceful.
Keelie = Variant of Kelly.
Keeley = Brave Warrior. Beautiful. Pretty.
Keerti = Fame.
Keerthi = Fame.
Keisha = Short form of Keneisha
Kellee = Lively. Aggressive.
Keiko = Beloved.
Kelda = A spring.
Kelila = Crown of laurel.
Kelli = Lively. Aggressive.
Kellie = Lively. Aggressive.
Kelly = Lively. Aggressive. Warrior. Brave.
Kelsey = The ships from the vikings. Dweller by the sea. Brave.
Kelsy = Fountain, Spring.
Kelsie = Ship Island. Seaport.
Ken = One's own kind.
Kendra = Knowing woman. Wisdom. Centre.
Keneisha = Ken + Aisha
Kenya = Animal Horn. A Country in Africa.
Keosha = Lovely. One that posses beauty.
Kerrie = Powerful Female Ruler. Great dark one.
Kerrilynn = Dusky. Dark. Dark one.
Kerrin = Animal's Horn.
Kerry = Dark one.
Kesley = Bitter. Graceful .
Keturah = Incense.
Ketzia = Fragrant.
Kezia = Variant of Kesia. Short form of Lakeisha. Favorite.
Khseeraja = Milk.
Khadijah = Premature Born.
Khushi = Happiness.
Kiara = To make a change.
Kiera = Beautiful little dark haired one.
Kierra = Beautiful.
Kim = From the meadow of the royal fortress.
Kimala = Butterfly.
Kimberly = Chief. Ruler.
Kinnari = A Lady who sings with beautiful voice.
Kinneret = Harp.
Kiran = Light. Ray.
Kiranmayi = One glowing with radiance. Bright girl. Intelligent girl.
Kirsten = The Anointed one. Feminine of christian.
Kirstin = Feminine of christian.
Kitiana = Clear eyes
Kohavah = Star
Kohinoor = Mountain of light.
Kokila = Name of a bird. Cuckoo. Nightingale. A bird which sings with sweet voice.
Komala = Delicate. Tender.
Korrin = Maiden.
Kousalya = Sri Rama's mother. King Dasarath's wife.
Kranti = Revolutionary.
Krishna Kumari = Daughter of Krishna.
Krishna Priya = Beloved of Lord Krishna.
Krishna Veni = One with dark hair.
Krissa = Variant form of Christine.
Krista = Follower of Christ.
Kristin = Christian.
Kristine = Christ bearer. Variant of Christine.
Kriti = Work of Art.
Krittika = Name of a star.
Krysia = Little Christine. Derived from Christine.
Kuvira = Warrior.
Kuri = Chestnut.
Kumbhika = Another name for Sita. A small pot or pitcher.
Kumud = Lotus.
Kuntal = Hair.
Kunti = Mother of Pandavas and Karna. Kunti Devi.
Kushbu = Fragrance.
Kusuma = Flower.
Kusuma Latha = Flowering creeper.
Kyla = Feminine of Kyle.
Kylara = Bay
Kylie = Boomerang.
Kylee = From the straight.
Lacey = Cheerful.
Lael = Devoted to the Lord.
Lahari = Tendency. Inclination. Wave.
Laila = Sweet heart.
Lajwanti = Modest girl.
Lakia = Found Treasure.
Lakshmi = Goddess of wealth. Consort of Vishnu.
Lala = Tulip.
Lalana = A girl.
Lalita = Straightforward.
Lalitha = Goddess Parvathi. Beauty.
Lambadi = Name of a tribe.
Lamita = Beautiful. Charming eyes.
Lana = Bouyant, Float, to bring. Light &
buoyant.An offering.Dear child
Lani = Heavenly.
Lara = Renowned.Protection.
Laramie = Tears of love.
Larina = Seagull.
Larissa = Cheerful. Larrna = Joy.
Larretta = Diminuitive/alternate form of Laura Lasa.
Lasya = Light smiling. (Like Monalisa's smile). Smile of Goddess Parvathi.
Latika = The vermillion dot on the forehead. A string of pearls. A small creeper. Ornament of the forehead.
Latha = Creeper plant.
Lathangi = Girl with creeper like slim body.
Latona = Roman name for the Greek Goddess Leto, mother of Apollo and Diana.
Laura = Victoriously crowned with laurels. Feminine of Lawrenece.
Laurel = Feminine of Lawrenece. The laurel tree. Sweet bay tree. Symbolic of honour and victory. Crown of laurel leaves. Victorious.
Lauren = Feminine of Lawrenece.
Lauretta = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura Lauretta = Diminutive/alternate form of Laura
Lavanya = Grace. Beauty. Beautiful Lady.
Lavender = Precious Site.
Lavenia = Purified; Woman of Rome.
Laverne = Springlike.
Lavinia = Woman of Rome.
Layla = Born at night.
Layne = Little one from the lane.
Laynee = God's blessings poured out.


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