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African Baby Name Books

The African-American Baby Name Book

Names are a hallmark of our heritage, reflections of both the ethnic and religious roots of our past and our dreams for our children's future. This A-to-Z guide includes more than 10,000 names, ranging from African names to contemporary names to traditonal Muslim names and more. Also featured is advice on alternative spellings, information on origins and meanings, and tips on choosing a name that will help parents reflect the treasure of the child who owns it.

African Names : Names from the African Continent for Childrens and Adults

After I spoke at a writer's workshop recently, a man approached the podium and told me that he used my book to find a name for an Ethiopian character in a novel he was writing. Another friend informed me that a colleague had found all of her childrens' names in here. If you can't find exactly what you are looking for in African Names, try my new book 1,001 African Names. And let me know which name you choose. Happy hunting

1,001 African Names : First and Last Names from the African Continent From Abadeet to Zoan, 1001 African Names offers names for African-Americans to use in naming children or to use as substitutes for their own Western names. Weaving in African proberbs, the book reveals the meaning of the names and traces the common threads of Africa's rich naming traditions.

African Muslim Names : Images and Identities

This book discusses the social and cultural significance of African Muslim names, explaining how these are chosen for newborns in African societies and the values each represents. A name reflects and reinforces an identity both when it is given and when it is changed. African Muslim Names discusses the social and cultural significance of proper names. It explains how names are chosen for newborns in African societies and the values they represent. In these days of mounting interest in identity and culture, many Muslim Africans, African-Americans and others wish to know the meanings of the names they choose so that they reflect their aspirations for their children and...more

Baby Names (Real Names with Real Meanings for African Children

This book claims in its introduction, to be superior to other baby names because of its accuracy but clearly it it poorly edited, with names with no meanings and meanings with no names. The bulk of the book does not define if names are masculine, feminine or unisex, and in the one section that does, there are clearly feminine meanings in the male name section. In addition, the title of the book led me to be believe that it would be ALL African names but instead, there are entire pages with no African names, but rather Eurocentric names that some African Americans have used for their children in the past. Worst of all is that some of the "African names" are not names at all. Who would name their child "Ugly woman", "evil" or after a particular "market place". My husband and I thought there were some nice choices for girls names, but you really have to read carefully.



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