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Mac = Son of.
MacAdam = Son of Adam. MacDonald = Son of Donald. Mackenzie = Son of Kenzie. Son of Kenneth.Fair. Favoured one. Son of the wise ruler.
Macy = Mace-bearer.
Madan = Cupid. God of love. Madanamohan = Handsome as the cupid(Roman God of Love).
Maddock = Beneficent.
Madhav = Lord Krishna. Madhuchandra = Honey moon. Madhuk = Bee.
Madhukar = Bee.Who gives honey.
Madhumitra = Sweet friend.
Madhup = Bee.
Madhur = Sweet.
Madhuramohan = Sree Krishna.
Madhuranath = Sree Krishna.
Madhurank = Lovely scene.
Madhusudan = Lord Krishna. Slayer of the demon Madhu.
Madhwaraj = Madwacharya founder of Dwaitha philosophy.
Madison = Warrior's son.
Madilyn = Tower of strength.
Magnus = Great.
Maha = Great.
Mahabahu = Very strong person.
Mahabal = Anjaneya.
Mahabhag = Fortunate.Lucky.
Mahabhisha = Name of a star
Mahadev = Eashwar.Shiva.
Mahak = Scent.
Mahalingam = Sivalinga.
Mahanidhi = Great Treasure.
Mahant = Great soul.Great man.Religious teacher.
Mahapadma = One of the Kubera's nine treasures.
Maharushi = Great sage.
Mahatab = Moon .Moonlight. Mahatapaswi = Great sage.
Mahatejaswi = Very bright person.
Mahaveer = Hain Guru.Founder of Jain religion.
Maheedhar = The one who is holding the earth. Another name for Lord Vishnu.
Mahesh = Shiva.
Maheshwar = Shiva.
Mahidhar = Adisesh.Vishnu.
Mahindra = Surname.
Mahipal = Ruler of the earth. King.
Mahiraj = One who rules the world.
Mahishmat = Grandfather of Sahararjuna.
Mahluli = Victorious.
Maimon = Good fortune.
Mairland = Of the meadows.
Majeeb = Worshippable.
Makarand = Honey.
Makut = Crown.Tiara(Triple crown worn by the Pope).
Malachi = My messenger.
Malateesh = Lover of malati flower. Malayaj = Sandalwood.
Malayamarut = Breeze from mountains.
Malcolm = Dove.
Malcolm ChrisTavious = Dove of god; Love.
Malhar = A classical melody (tune).A raga.
Mali = Ruler. First born. Fragrant. Name of a demon who was the son of Sukesa and Devavati (in the great Indian epic-Ramayana).
Mali = Ruler. First born. Fragrant. Name of a demon who was the son of Sukesa and Devavati (in the great Indian epic-Ramayana).
Mallesh = Easwar.
Malli = Jasmine flower. Boy as pure as jasmine flower.
Malolan = Name of Lord Narasimha. An Avatar of Vishnu.
Manachah = Wanted.
Manasij = The cupid.The God of Love.
Manathosh = Happy.
Manav = Human.
Manavotham = Human being.Paramathma,the God.
Mandahas = Gentle smile.
Mandamarut = Gentle breeze.
Mandapal = A sage.
Mandar = A flower.Kalpavriksha.Vast.
Mandavanth = Gentleman.Respected.
Mandavya = Name of a sage.
Manddhan = Respectable.
Mandel = Almond.
Mandlenkosi = Strength of god.
Maneesh = Desire.
Manfred = Man of peace.
Mangal = Prayer offered on auspicious occasion.Prosperity.
Mangalesh = Auspicious person.
Mangwiro = Bright.
Manideep = Glow of a gem.
Manikandan = One who is born with beads. Lord Ayyappa.
Manikyam = A gem,ruby.
Maniman = A Naga.Karkotaka's son.
Manindra = Lord of a gem.A Naga.
Manish = Lord of a gem. A Naga. King.
Manjeet = Who wins his own heart.
Manjit = Wanted.
Manjunath = Shiv. Shiva.
Manjyoth = Light of the mind.
Manmath = The cupid.The God
of Love.
Manmohan = Handsome person.
Manning = Son of the good man.
Manogya = Delightful. Pleasing.Handsome.
Manohar = Handsome. Pleasing. Delightful.
Manoj = Cupid.
Manor = Light. Shinning.
Manoranajan = Amusing pweson.One who pleases. Entertainment.
Manorath = An yearning.A desire. Mansukh = Pleasing
Manthan = Reflection through study. Mantri = Minister.
Manuel = God is with us. Short form of Emmanuel. God is with us.
Manuj = Man.
Manvanthar = Age of transition.New epoch.New age.
Manville = From the great estate. Marc = The god of war. Of Mars. Warlike.
Marci = A form of Martin.
Marcel = Little mark.
Marcus = Warlike.
Mardav = Delicate.Tender.
Marden = From the valley of the pool.
Mareechi = A sage.A prajapathi.
Mareechin = The sun.
Mario = Warlike.
Marion = Variant of girl's name Mary.
Mark = The god of war. An Alternate Form of Marcus. Warlike.
Markandeya = Name of a sage's son who was gifted a boon of long life by Lord Shiva.
Marlan = From the boundary.
Marlon = Falcon.
Marlow = From the hill by the lake.
Marquel = A name which is a combination of Marc & Michael.
Marsden = From the marsh valley.
Marthanda = The Sun.
Martin = Warrior of Mars. Martial. Warlike.
Martinus =A form of Martin.
Marukatam = Emerald.
Marunda = Industrious.
Marut = A King of Sri Rama's dynasty.Breeze.Wind.
Maruteesh = Anjaneya.Hanumanth.
Maruthi = Lord Hanuman. Hindu god resembling a monkey.
Maruti = Hanuman. Anjaneya. Son of Vayu (Wind God).
Marvin =Sea friend.
Mason = Stone worker. Worker in stone. Stone mason.
Masud = Lucky.
Matanga = Name of a sage. Cloud. Elephant.

Matata = Noisy one.
Mathali = Surya's charioteer. Mathsyendranath = Incarnation of Vishnu as a fish.
Matsyendra = One of the Vishnu's incarnation as Fish. First Avatar of the Dasavatharas = 1. Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3. Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5. Vamana,
Matt = Gift from god.
Mathew = Gift from god.
Matthew = Gift of Jehovah.
Maukthikeshwar = Diety of Eashwar in a temple at Srirangapatnam on the banks of Kaveri.
Maulik = Precious. Basic.
Maurice = Dark skinned.
Max = From the great man's well. Maximilian = The greatest
Maxwell =Great. Best.
Mayank = Moon.
Mayer = Farmer.
Mayil Muthu Kumaran = Lord Murugan decorated with Pearl and seated on a Peacock.
Maynard = Strong.
Mayur = Peacock.
Mckenzie = Son of Kenzie. Son of Kenneth. Fair. Favored one. Son of the wise ruler.
Mehaboob = Beloved.

Mead = From the meadow.

Medwin = Powerful friend.
Meged = Goodness.
Meghdoot = Ambassador from the clouds.
Melbourne = From the mill stream.
Melika = Hardworking. Short name for Amelia.
Melvin = Chief.
Menachem = Comforter.
Menasseh = Causing to forget.
Mendel = Of the mind.
Mendha = Wise. Learned.
Meredith = Protector from the sea. Merle = Blackbird.
Merlin = Falcon.
Merrill = Famous.
Merry = Mirthful. Joyous.
Merton = From the place by the sea. Mervin = Sea friend.
Meyer = Farmer.
Micah = Who is like god.
Michael = Who is like God.
Michaela = Variant of Michael.
Michele = A form of Michael.
Michelle = A form of Michael.
Micheon = Variant of Michon (=Who is like God).
Michon = Who is like God.
Mihir = Sun.
Mike = The man. Michael.
Mikhil = One who completes completion.
Miles = Warrior.
Milford = From the mill crossing.
Millard = Miller.
Mills = Of the mills.
Milo = Warrior.
Milson = Son of the Miles
Milton = Of the mill town.
Mirumbi = Born during the rain.
Mischa = Who is like god.
Mita = One who has been measured and gauged. Tried and tested. A friend. Little. Short. Brief. Firm. Founded. Established.
Mitchell = Who is like god.
Mithun = Couple. Duo. A pair.
Mithil = Kingdom.
Mithilesh = King of Mithila.
Mitra = Friend.
Milind = Bee.
Mirza = Prince.
Moe = Another name for Moses.
Mohan = Attractive Person.
Mohit = Charming.
Morse = Son of the dark one, Name of a scientist.
Mohammed = Praised.
Moksh = Mukti. Freedom after death.
Monroe = From the red marsh.
Montague = From the pointed mountain.
Monte = From the pointed mountain.
Montgomery = From the rich man's mountain.
Moore = Dark-complected.
Mordecai = Warrior.
Morey = Sailor.
Morgan = Sea-white.
Morley = From the moor meadow.
Morris = Dark skinned.
Morrison = Son of Maurice.
Morse = Son of Maurice.
Mortimer = Dweller by the still water.
Morton = From the estate on the moor.
Moses = Drawn from water. Saved.
Moshe = Saved.
Mosi = Firstborn.
Moss = Saved.
Muhammad = Praised.
Muir = Of the moors.
Muninder = King of Rushi's.
Muntoe = From the red marsh.
Munyaradzi = Comforter.
Murdock = Prosperous seaman.
Murray = Sailor.
Muni = A sage. Rushi. Saint.
Mukesh = Leader.
Mukti = Liberation.
Mukteswara = God who gives freedom/Mukti.
Murali = Flute. Pipe. Melodious. Harmonious. Sweet. Enchanting.
Muralidhar = One who wears & plays Murali (Flute).
Muralinath = The Music from the Flute.
Murthy = Idol.
Murugan = Kumaran, Subramaniam, Vinayaka's younger brother, Lord Shiva's younger son.
Mushk = Saint.
Mycheal = Who is like god.
Myles = Warrior
Myron = Pleasant. Fragrant.
Mythil = Kingdom.
Mythri = Friend.
Maanami = Beautiful.
Maanasa = Name of a lake in the Himalayas. Birth place of river Ganga.
Mabel = Lovable.
Machiko = Beautiful Child. Child that learns truth.
Mackenna = Form of Mackenzie.
Mackenzie = Daughter of the Wise Leader.
Madeline = Woman from Magdala.
Madhavi = Name of Yayati's daughter
Madhu = Honey. Sweet.
Madhubala = Sweet girl. Attractive girl.
Madhulika = Written in honey.
Madhumathi = Girl with sweet nature.Lakshmi. Madhumita = Very sweet.
Madhuri, Madhurima = Sweet girl.
Madhurya = Sweetness. Tender affection. Charm. Exquisite beauty.
Madison = Good.
Madonna = My lady.
Mae = Great.
Maggie = Short form of Margaret.
Maha Lakshmi = Goddess Lakshmi. Mother Earth. Goddess of wealth and knowledge
Maha Kali = Goddess Kali.
Mahima = Greatness. Supremacy.
Mahita = Honourable.
Maheswari = Parvathi. Lalithamba.Great goddess. Another name of Durga.A river.
Mahvash = Beautiful as the moon.
Maja = Mother. Roman goddess of the spring time, for whom the month of may is named.
Makayla = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mala, Maala = Garland.
Malachi = Angel.
Malaika = Gods angel.
Malasri = Woman wearing a garland.
Malati = Jasmine.
Malavika = One who lived in Malava (a place in central India).
Malcayma LaTrice = Holy one; Peace.
Maleah = Wished for child. Lady of the sea. Bitter.
Malena = High Tower.
Malika = One of holy water.
Malini = A florist. Name of a river.
Mallaika = Garland.
Malli = Jasmine flower. Girl as pure as Jasmine flower.
Mallika = Queen Jasmine. Girl as pure as Jasmine flower.
Mallory = Unhappy. Unlucky.
Malveeka = Malavika. One who lived in Malava (a place in central India). Name of the heroine of a drama by Kalidasa.
Mamta = Affection.
Manasa = Name of a lake in the Himalayas. Birth place of river Ganga.
Manasi = Womanhood.
Manaswini = A Lady of Virtues.
Mandy = Loveable. Much-loved.
Manil = Bead.
Maneesha,Manisha = Desire.
Mandira = Sacred.
Mandodari = Name of Ravana's wife.
Mandakini,Mandaakini = River Ganga.
Mandovi = Name of King Bharat's wife.
Mandy = Worthy of love
Mangala = Bliss. Auspicious. Good.
Manideep = Bead-like Lamp.
Mani = Bead.
Manjul = Sacred.
Manjari = A bunch.
Manju = Dewdrop. Snow.
Manjula = Snow-like.
Manjusree = Saraswati.
Manogna = Desired.
Manojah = Mindborn.
Manorama = Beautiful. Attractive.
Manoranjani = One who entertains.
Mansi = One who is always be herself.
Mamatha = Love. Affection.
Mara = Goddess of Beauty, bitter and sorrowful.
Marcia = Martial One.
Marcelle = Martial. Warlike.
Mareen = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Mareena = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Marena = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Margaret,Margarite = A pearl.
Mari = A short form of Mary. Ball.
Maria = Mary.
Marie = Bitter.
Marieke = Version of Mary.
Marijah = Springtime. Flower in the oasis.
Marilla = Shining Sea.
Marin = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Marla = Tower.
Marley = Love.
Marnie = Short form of Marnina.
Marina = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Marinda = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Marinelle = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Marinna = Name of a saint. Of the sea.
Marisa = Variant form of Maria.
Marissa = The sea.
Marjorie = Pearl.Varient of French Margerie,from Margaret.
Marnie = Rejoice.
Marta = Lady.
Martia = Martial one.
Martina = Feminine form of Martin.
Marvela = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Marvell = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Marvella = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Marvellyn = Wonderful. Extraordinary.
Mary = Bitter. Name of the virgin mother of Christ. Lady.
Marvette = Marvelous.
Maryam = An older version of the name Mary.
Maryn = Name of a saint.
Marz = Gifted Child.
Matangi, Matangini = Durga.
Mathanki = Goddess Saraswathi.
Matilda = Battle Maiden.
Maureen = Little Mary. Variant of Mary.
Maya = Goddess Durga. Illusion.
Mayavathi = Name of Pradyumna's wife. Magical woman.
Mbali = Rose. Beautiful flower. Lovable.
Mckenna = Happiness.
Meadow = Serene peaceful flower filled pasture.
Meena = Fish.
Meenakshi = Goddess Parvathi.
Meera = Name of a devotee of Krishna. Sea. Ocean. Light. Saintly woman.
Megan = A pearl.
Megha, Meghana = Cloud.
Mehnaaz = More beautiful than moon.
Mehek = Khushboo. Fragrance.
Mekhala = Waist band.
Melanie = Dark.
Melba = Soft, Slender.
Melbina = The sweetest.
Melia = Hard Working.
Melina = Honey. Yellow
Melinda = Love.
Melissa= Honey bee.
Melosa = Sweet, gentle.
Melodee = Song.
Menaka = An apsara. Shantukala's mother.
Mendara = Wise. Learned.
Meredith = Great one.
Mersana = Gift from god
Merrimekko = Good Witch.
Mezza = Quarter Moon.
Mia = Mine.
Micaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Micah = Who is like the lord.
Micha = Female variant of Michael.
Michaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael
Michellea = Variant of Michelle.
Michelle = Feminine form of Michael.
Mieasha = Woman. One who is loved by many.
Mean. Afraid.
Mikaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mikayla = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mikella = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mikelle= Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Milan = Meeting
Milly = Hardworking.
Milvia = Always Loved. Lovely.
Mimi = Unwavering Protector.
Mina = Loving Memory. Love. Harbour. Smooth. South.
Minerva = Name of the Roman goddess of wisdom.
Mira = Light. Saintly woman.
Miranda = Strange.Wonderful.Admirable.
Miriam = An older version of the name Mary.
Miryea = A form of Maria.
Misty = Misty. A name derived from nature.
Mita = One who has been measured and gauged. Tried and tested. A friend. Little. Short. Brief. Firm. Founded. Established.
Mohana = Attractive.
Mohini = Attractive.
Molly = From the Gaelic Maili, a pet form of Mary.
Mona = Just One.Noble.
Mona Lisa = Dedicated to God.
Monica = Saint.
Monika = Solitary. Advisor.
Monique = Advicer. Councelor. Saint. Happiness.
Monisha = Intelligent woman.
Montana = Mountain.
Morena = Little Mary.
Morgan = Bright Sea.
Moumita = Sweet Friend.
Mridula = Soft spoken. Tenderness.
Mrinalini = Tender. Lotus stem.
Mrunmaya = Carved from mud.
Muskan = Smile
Munira = Brilliant. Shinning.
Mychaela = Who is like God. Feminine of Michael.
Mylie = Rising of the sun.
Myna = A bird.
Myra = Wonderful. Beautiful.
Myrna = Beloved.
Myriam = An older version of the name Mary.
Mythili = Princess of Mithila. Sita.
Mythri = Friend. Friendship.


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