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Alap = Conversation.Development of a tune before the song is sung.
Alok = Cry of victory.
Alain = Variant form of Alan.
Alak = Lock of curly hair.
Alaka = Capital of Kuber Dynasty.
Alakananda = River.
Alam = The whole world.
Alamgir = The lord of the whole
Alan = Harmonious. Noble.
Alanis = Attractive. Peaceful.
Rock. Full of cheer.Fair.
Alankar = Jewel.
Alap = Conversation.
Development of a tune before
the song is sung.
Alaric = Ruler of all.
Alasdair = Variant of Alexander.
Alastair = Defender of mankind.
Alauddin = Superiority of religion. 2nd sultan
of the Khilji dynasty of India. Superiority of religion.
Alben = White. Fair.
Albern = Noble bear.
Albert = Noble and Brilliant.
Albin = White.
Albion = White cliffs. An ancient poetic name
for Britain.
Alcott = From the old cottage.
Alden = Old Friend. Protector.
Aldo = Old one. Elder. Rich.
Aldous = Old. Wise
Aldric = Old ruler. Wise ruler.
Aldrich = Wise ruler.
Aleajah = The lord is your god.
Alec = Form of Alexander. Defender of Mankind.
Aleck = Form of Alexander. Defender of Mankind.
Aleem = A learned person. Knowledgeable.
Alejandro = Variant of Alexander.
Alek = Form of Alexander. Defender of Mankind.
Aleksanya = Defender of men/mankind. Leader.
Alekshurik = Defender of men/mankind. Leader.
Aleron = Knight.
Alex = Form of Alexander.
Alexander = Defender of men/mankind. Leader.
Alexei = Protector.
Alexis = Defender of mankind.
Alfinso = Ready for battle.
Alfonso = Ready. Eager.
Alford = From the old ford.
Alfred = Elf - wise councellor.
Alger = Noble spearman.
Algernon = Bearded.
Alhad = Joy.
Ali = Protected by god. The highest. The greatest.
Alif = Familiar. Itimate.Tame. Friend.Geneial. Associate. Companion. Beloved.
Alike = Light.
Alipth =Neutral.Dispassionate. Detached.
Alison = Of sacred fame.
Allah = Almighty.Arabic meaning of God.The
God. The essential name of the God.
Allama prabhu = Founder of "Anubhav Mantap".
Allan = Handsome. Harmonious.Fair.
Allard = Brave and noble.
Allen = Handsome. Harmonious.Variant of Alan.
Allon = Great tree.
Alman = A kind of Song.
Alok = Inrisible. Cry of victory.
Alon = Oak tree.
Alonzo = Ready for battle. Variant form of alphonse.
Alop = Who does not disappear.
Alphonso = Ready for battle.
Alquino-Fierce and intelligent.
Alston = Of the noble estate.
Altaf = Kindness.Grace.Favours.
Altair = First magnitude star in the constellation Aquilla.
Altman = Oldman.
Alton = From the old town.
Alva = Sublime. Name of a place. Tribal name.

Alvaro =Truth speaker.Guardian.
Alvern = Spring. Greening.
Alvin = Loved by all. Wise friend.
Alvis = All knowing.
Amadeo = Loved by God.
Amadeus = Loves God.
Amal = Pure.Limpid.
Amalanand = Pure joy.
Amalendu = Moon
Amalesh = Pure.
Aman = Peace.
Amanda = Worthy of Love.
Amar = Immortal.Always alive. Winner of Death.
Amara = Eternally Beautiful. Immortal.
Amarabahu = Son of Anaranya of Ecchvaku dynasty.
Amarakeerthi = Eternal fame.

Amarendra =King ofdevas.Devendra.
Amaresh = King of Devas. Devendra. Person who never dies. Immortal.
Amarjit = One who has conquered the devas.
Amarnath = King of Devas. Devendra. Person who never dies. Immortal.
Amarthya = An immortal.A Deva.
Amartya = Immortal.
Ambak = The Eye
Ambar = Sky.
Ambarish = Shiva. Sun. Vishnu. Moon The Sky.
Amber = The Sky.
Amberam = The sky.
Ambrose = Immortal.
Ambud = The cloud.
Ambudhi = The sea.
Ambuj = Lotus.
Ambujanabh = Vishnu.
Ameek = Very deep.
Ameen = Honest. Trust worthy. Divine grace.
Ameet = Limitless. Vishnu.
Ames = Friend.
Amerigo = After the Italian explorer AmerigoVespucci for whom America was named
Amery = Ridge. Long hill.
Amey = Boundless.
Ameya = Immesasurable.
Amichai = My people live.
Amiel = God of the people.
Amil = Invaluable. Unconserned.
Amin = Faithful. Trustworthy.Honest.
Amir = Ruler. King. Prince. Powerful. Richman.Abundant.Royal.Flourishing.Companion of Prophet Muhammed.
Amit = Without limit.
Ameet = Limitless. Vishnu.
Amitabh = Limitless. Lustre. Vishnu.
Amitamathi = One of the ministers of Bahubali. Amitav = Limitless lusture.
Amitavikram = Limitless power.Vishnu.
Amitesh = Vishnu. Infinite God.
Amitrasudan = Destroyer of enemies.
Amiy = Nectar.
Amiya = Nectar. Delight
Amjad = More Glorious. Worshipable.
Amlan = Unfading. Everbright.
Ammeer = Rich.
Ameer = Rich.
Amod = Pleasure.
Amodine = Joyful.
Amogh = Unerring.
Amoghavarsha = King.
Amoghsiddi = One who does not fall.
Amol = Invaluable. Priceless
Amolik = Priceless.
Amolak = Priceless
Amon = Trustworthy. Faithful.
Amoolya = Priceless.
Amory = Brave. Powerful.
Amos = Bearer of burdens. Name of the prophet who wrote the book of Amos. Burden.
Amram = A mighty nation.
Amrik = Nectar.
Amrit = Immortal. Nectar.
Amruth = Nectar.Food of devas.
Amruthamshu = The Moon
Amruthasagar = Sea of nectar. Full of sweetness.
Amshumalin = The sun.
Amshuman = Sun.Sagars's grandson.
Amshumanth = Sun.
Amulya = Priceless.
Amurat = Formless.
Amurog = Affection.Love. Redness.
Amzad = Worshipable.
Anaadhi = Without beginning.
Anadaram = Sri Ram.
Anagh = Sinless.
Anagha = Sinless.
Anagha = Sinless.
Anal = Five.
Analaksha = Shiva.
Anamitra = Yadava chief head of the
clan Vrishni among Yadavas.
Anand = Happiness.
Ananda = Bliss. Joy. Happiness.
Anandagiri = A Mountain of happiness.
Anandamohan = Sri Krishna.
Anandavardhan = One who increases happiness.
Anandharaman = Lord Sree Ram.
Anandi = Eternal. Primordialthe God.
Anang = Cupid.God of love.
Ananga = God of Love. Kamadeva.
Anant = Infinite. Endless. Universe.
Ananta = Infinite.
Anantapadmanab = Vishnu.
Anantaram = Vishnu.
Anantaranga = Vishnu.
Anantharaman = Lord Sree Ram. Ananthapadmanabh = Vishnu.
Ananthashayan = Vishnu.
Ananya = Incomparable.
Anarghya = Priceless.
Anastasius = One who is reborn.
Anatole = Of the east.
Anatolenka = From the East.
Anatoliy = Priceless.
Anatolya = Priceless.
Anchit = Honoured.Worshipped.
Anders = Variant of Andrew.
Andino = Italian short form of Andrew.
Andre = Manly. Andrei,
Andrusha = Manly. Brave.
Andrew = Manly. Brave.
Andrik = Variant of Andrew.
Andrusha = Manly. Brave.
Aneesh = Lord.
Anek = Many.
Anenaa = Faultless.
Angad = A bracelet worn on the upper arm. An ornament. Name of a monkey. Son of Vaali / Baali of Ramaayan.
Angel =Messenger.Godly.
Angelo = Messenger. Angel.
Angiras = Sage. Brihaspati's father.
Angshu = Ray of light.
Angus = Unique choice.Singular.
Anik = Soldier
Aniket = Homeless.
Anil = The wind god. Vayu. God of wind. Squirrel. Fire.
Anilaabh = Zephyr.
Animesh = Who does not wink. Open-eyed.
Animish = A Deva.
Anindit = Blameless.
Aniruddha = Free. Krishna's
Anirudh = Which cannot be
Anirvan = Deathless.God. Undying.
Anish = God Vishnu.
Anjaana = Stranger.
Anjal = Hollow formed by joining two hand.
Worship. A way of welcoming by Indians.
Anjan = Kajal,black coloured paste applied to
eyes.Lord Hanuman.
Anjaneya = Hanuman. Son of Anjana.
Anjani = Hanuman.
Anjanikumar = Lord Hanuman.
Son of Anjana Devi.
Anjum = A token.Star.

Anjuman = A token. A symbol.
A signet.
Ankit = Marked.
Ankur = Offshoot.Sprout. New life.
Ankush = Check. An instrument used for guiding
elephants. Instrument used to control the Elephant.
Anmol = Priceless.
Anoon = Flawless.Perfect.
Anoop = Place full of water.
Ansejal = Wandering Angel
Ansell = Gods protection.
Anselm = Divine helmet.
Anselmo = Gods protection.
Anshu = Ray of Light. Kiran. The Sun.
Anshuk = Radiant.
Anshul = Sun Ray.
Anshuman = The Sun.
Anshumant = Liminous.
Anson = Divine. Of divine origin.
Anne's son.
Antang = A complete person.

Antaresh = Name of a giant red star
Antariksh = Space. Sky.
Anthahkaran =Kindness. Sympathy.
Fellowfeeling. Tenderness.
Anthony = Beyond praise. Flower. Easy to praise. Highly praiseworthy.
Antinko = Inestimable.
Antoine = Flower. Easy to praise.Highly praiseworthy.
Antony.Anton = Inestimable.
Antonio = Flower. Easy to praise.Highly praiseworthy.
Antosha = Inestimable.
Anu = Atom.
Anubhuti = Experience. feeling.
Anuchand = Handsome.
Anudeep = Lamp.
Anugra = Calm.
Anugraha = Grace.
Anugun = Fitting.
Anuhlad = Brother of Prahlad.
Anuj = Young brother.
Anunay = Gentle comfort. Supplication. Consolation.
Anup,Anoop = Handsome. Graceful. Without comparison.
Anupam = Beyond comparison. Unique. Excellent. Without comparison.
Anuraag = Love.
Anurag = Attachment. Love.
Anuranjan = Entertaining.Handsome.
Anuroop = Worthy of.Befitting.Lovely.
Anuttam = Unsurpassed.
Anuva = New Beginning.
Anuvind = One who receives.Cousin of SreeKrishna.
Anuvrat = One of the five religious practices enjoined upon a Jain house holder.
Anveshak = One who persues.Seeker.
Anveshan = Finding.
Anwar = Devotee of God.
Alaina = Attractive. Peaceful.
Alaka = Lock of curly hair.Without dirt.
Alakananda = Name of a river.
Alambusa = An Apsara.
Alameda = Populartree.
Alamelu = Goddess Lakshmi.Lord
Venkateswara's wife.
Alana = Light & buoyant.An offering.Dear child.
Alanna = Attractive. Peaceful.
Alanda = Variant of Alexandra. Defender
of mankind. Helper.
Alankara = Decoration.
Alarice = Feminine of Alaric.
Alba = Highlands.
Alberta = Feminine of Albert.
Albina = Highlands.
Alby = Highlands.
Alcina = Strong-Willed.Persuasive.
Alda = Rich.
Aldora = Winged gift.
Alekhya = Painting. Picture.
Alena = LIght
Aletea = Truth.
Alexandra = Defender of mankind. helper.
Alexis = Helper.Defender.
Alfreda = Feminine of Alfred.
Alice = Noble.Truthfulone.
Alicia = Truthful.
Alida = Greek city in Asia minor.
Alin = Sister of Night.
Aliptha = Neutral.Unbiased.
Alisha = Impressive. Impossive. Grand. Stately.
Alissa = Truthful.
Alison = Truthful one.
Aliptha = Neutral.Unbiased.
Aliya = To group.
Aliza = Joyous.
Alka = Girl with long beautiful hair. Noble&Brilliant
Allegra = Cheerful.
Alleron = Eagles soaring.
Allina = A form of helen.
Allison = Truthfulone. Noble. sacred fame.Diminutive form of Alice.
Alma = The Soul. With dard red lips. Soul. Spirit.
Allina = A form of Helen.
Almas = Diamond. Dagger.
Almira = Exalted. Princess.
Alocia = Ocean of forgiveness.
Aloka = Cry of victory.Praise.Luster. Alona = Feminine of Alon.
Aloysia = Feminine of Aloysius.
Alpana = Decoration.
Alpha = The first letter of the Greek alphabet. The first (child).
Altthea = Truthful. Sincere. Wholesome.Healing.
Alva = Fair. Blonde.
Alvina = Feminine of Alvin.
Alwany = Lighting in A miquisto dialect in Nicaragua
Alysha = Princess of pink.
Alysia = Truthful.
Alyssa = From the flower Alyssum.
Alysse = Truthful.
Amabel = lovable.
Amadi = Rejoice. Sun god.
Amadea = Feminine of Amadeo.
Amala = Pure.Hope.
Amalendu = Full moon
Amanda = Beloved. Precious thing. worth loving. Lovable.
Amani = To wish for. Greatful.
Amara = Imperishable. Eternal beauty.
Amarangane(amarangani) = A nymph.  Angel.  Apsara.
Amaraprabha = Eternal shine.
Amaravathi = Name of Indra's kingdom.
Amari = A Nymph.Angel.Apsara.
Amaris = God hath promised.
Amarnath = From the flower Amaranth.
Amaryllis = From the flower Amaryllisbelladonna.
Amaya = The end.
Amba = Mother. Parvathi. Princess of Kasi who refused to marry Vichitravirya and vowed to kill Bhishma.
Ambalika = Mother of Panduraj.
Amber = Precious stone. of the colours. From the jewel Amber.
Ambika = Parvathi. Kasi princess who married Vichitravirya. Mother of Dhritarashtra. Godess Durga.
Ambrosine = Feminine of Ambrose.
Ambruni = An Apsara's name.
Ambu = Arrow. Water.
Ambudha = Cloud.
Ambudhi = Sea.
Ambuja = Lotus.
Ambujakshi = One with Lotus like eyes.Lakshmi.
Amee = My friend.
Amelia = Industrious.Striving.Princess.
Amena = Honest.
Amie = Beloved. Loved.
Aminta = Protector.
Amira = Beautiful Princess.
Amirtha = Elixir of life. Another name of godess saraswathi
Amita = Truth.Limitless.
Amity = Friendship.
Ammanni = Goddess.
Amoda = Happiness.
Amodini = Happy girl.
Amorata = Beloved.
Amrakali = Mango bud.
Amramanjari = Bunch of mango flowers.
Amrapallavi = Tender leaves of mango.
Amrita = Deathless.
Amrita Varshini = Showers Amrit.
Amritha = Deathless.
Amrutha = Nectar.
Amruthakiran = Cool rays.Moon light.
Amruthamayi = Full of sweetness.
Amruthavarshini = One of the raagas.(Classical melody).
Amshu = A ray of light.
Amshula = Sunny.
Amshumala = A nymph.Angel.Apsara.
Amshumathi = Person with bright intellect.River Yamuna.
Amtheshwari = Eternal God.
Amulya = Priceless.
Amy = Loved.Beloved.
Ana = Grace. Favor.

Anamika = Without Name.
Anaamika = Name of 4th finger.
Anabelle = Graceful and Beautiful.
Anala = Godess of fire.Holy cow.Grand daughter of Kamadhenu.
Anandhabhairavi = One of the raga's.
Anandhalahari = Wave of happiness.
Anandhavardhini = One who increases happiness.
Anandhi(Anandi) = Happiness.
Anandhitha = Lady in joyous mood.
Ananga = Love.
Anangalekha = Love letter.
Anangamalini = God of love.
Anangee = Sexy.
Ananta = Eternal woman. Infinite.
Anantasree(Ananthasri) = Who has boundless wealth.Ananthalakshmi.
Ananya = Matchless.
Anapayina = Eternal.Lakshmi.
Anarghya = Priceless.
Anastasia = Ressurection. The renewal of spring. A new beginning.
Anasuya(Aanasooya) = One without jealousy. Wife of sage Goutham.
Anatola = Feminine of Anatole.
Ancelin = Hand-maiden.
Anchal = Pallu of the saree. Border of the saree.
Anchiara = Darkness Falls.
Anchita = Honoured.Worshipped.
Andal(Aandal) = Devotee of Vishnu.
Andie = Strong.
Andrea = Lady Andrew. Feminine.
Andreana = Strong and Womanly.

Anemone = Windflower.
Angaja = Daughter.
Angani = Attractive girl.
Angel = Messenger.
Angela = Angelic.Messenger. Heavenly messenger.
Angelica = From the herb Angelica. Like an angel.
Angelina = Angel. Messenger.
Angira = Mother of Brihaspati
Anika = Lord Durga.
Anima = The power of becoming small.
Anina = Answer my prayer.
Anindita = One who cannot be defamed.Blameless.
Anisa = Friendly. Tree of life
Anisha = Continuous.Without interruption. has an everlasting flame for eternity.
Anita = Grace.Mercy.
Anitra = For the Arab girl in grieg's peer gynt suite.
Anjali, Anjalee = Homage. Showering respect. A mode of pressing hands together.
Anjana = Mother of Hanuman. Mountain
Anju = One who lives in the heart.
Anjum = A token. A signet.A Star
Ankitha = A Signet.Symbol.
Ankur = A Sprout.
Ann = Gracious. A form of Hannah
Anna = Graceful.Variant of Hannah. Annabel = Lovable.
Annabelle = Beautiful.Graceful. Loveable.
Annada = Godess of food. Parvathi.
Annapoorna = Godess Parvathi.Godess of food.
Anne = Favouring.Grace.Mercy.
Annel = Combination of Anna & Elena.
Anneliese = Graceful and Consecrated to God.
Annette = Grace.Mercy.
Annie = Favor. Grace.
Annika = Grace.
Annise = Pineapple.
Annunciata = Bearer of news.
Anona = The Roman Goddessof crops.
Anoona = Perfect.
Anora = Grace and honor.
Anouksha = Endearment, Fullfilment of desire.
Anselma = Feminine of Anselm.
Anshumaala = Garland of Rays.
Antara = Second note in
Hindusthani music.
Anthahkarana = Sympathy Kindness.Tenderness.
Anthea = Flowerlike
Antima = Ultimate.
Antoinette = Inestimable. Without price. Feminine form of Anthony.
Antonia = Feminine of Anthony.
Anubhuti = Experience.
Anugathadevi = A friend.A person who accompanies,a wife.
Anugraha = Blessings.Grace.
Anukampa = Sympathy.Compassion.
Anukeerthana = Praising God's virtues.
Anuksha = Every moment.
Anulekha = Beautiful picture.
Anuli = Feminine of Anthony.
Anuloma = Sequence.
Anumegha = Following the rain.
Anumita = Logically established.Analytical.Precise.
Anumloche = An apsara's name
Anunaya = Gentle comfort.
Anupa = Goddess Kali.
Anupallavi = Part of the song which is sung immediately after the pallavi(headlines of a song).
Anupama, Anupriya = One without comparison.
Anuprabha = Brightness.
Anura = Attachment. Love.Compassion.
Anuradha = One of the 27 stars. (1.Aswini, 2. Bharani, 3.Krithika, 4.Rohini,5.Mrugasira. 6.Aarthra, 7.Punarvasu, 8.Pushyami, 9.Ashlesha, 10.Makha, 11.Pubba, 12.Uttara, 13.Hastha, 14.Chitta, 15.Swati, 16.Visakha, 17.Anuradha,18.Jyeshta, 19.Moola, 20.Poorvaashada, 21.Uttaraashada, 22.Shravana, 23.Dhanishta, 24.Satabhisha, 25.Poorvabhadra, 26.Uttarabhadra and 27.Revathi.)
Anuragha = Love.
Anuraghini = Beloved.
Anurakthi = Love.Affection.
Anurama = Pretty.Lakshmi.
Anuranjana = One who pleases the mind.
Anurati = Consent.
Anurupa = Suitable.
Anusha = Name of a star Beautiful morning
Anusheela = Good character.
Anusheetha = To be calm.
Anushma = Without any heat.
Anushri = Beautiful. Pretty
Anusree = Pretty. Lakshmi.
Anusuya = Wife of rishi.
Anutara = Unanswered.
Anuvindha = One who receives.
Anuvrindha = Krishna's Queen. Mitravinda's
another name.
Anvita = Who bridges the gap.
Anya = Gracious.
Anyi = Her destiny.
Aoife = Beauty.

Apar = Limitless.Great.God.
Aparajit = Who cannot be conquered.Vishnu.Shiva.Jina,
A son of Sri Krishna and Laksmi.
Aparajito = Undefeated.
Aparamit = Limitless.
Aparampar = Limitless.
Aparoop = Uncommon.Rare.
Apekshit = Desired.
Apod = Another name of sage Doumya.
Apollo = Destroyer.The Greek and Roman God of light music and poetry. The God of light,healing, the arts, prophecy, and manly beauty.
Apoorv = Quite new.
Apoorva = Unique.
Apoorva prakash = Matchless glow. Aprameya =Beyond comprehensionGod.
Apratihat = Without a match.
Apratim = Incomparable.Supreme. Apurva = Unique.
Aquib =Follower.Behind.After. Successor.Last comer.Another name for Prophet Muhammed being the last of the Prophets.
Arabinda = Lotus.
Aradhak = Worshipper.
Aram = High. Exalter.The Hebrew name of ancient Syria.
Aramethius = Destined to know.
Aramina = It follows her.
Aramis = The famous swordsman from Alexander Duma's "The Three Musketeers".
Aranyak = Name of a King.
Arav = Peaceful.
Aravind = Blue Lotus
Aravindaksha = Lotus eyed.Vishnu.
Archak = Worshipper.
Archan = Woship. Homage.
Archangelo = Principal angel.
Archer = A bowman.
Archi = A ray of Light.
Archibald = Truly bold.
Archie = Valuable. Bold.
Archit = Worshipped.
Ardell = Eager.Industrious.
Arden = Fervent.
Ardhendu = Half moon
Ardon = Bronze. Lofty. Eager.
Arghya = Offering to the lord.
Arhant = Theerthankar.Buddha.
Arhat = Respectable.
Ari = Lion. Eagle. The best.
Aric = Rule with mercy.
Aridam = Destroyer of foes.
Arin = Without enemies.
Arindam = Destroyer of enemies.
Ariel = Lion of God. A name for Jerusalem.
Arihant = Destroyer of enemies.
Enemy killer.
Arijit = Conqueror of enemies.Son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Arindam = One who defeats his enemies.
Arinjay = Conqueror of enemies.Son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Arisia = Silent Vigil
Arisudan = Enemy killer.
Arjit = Earn
Arjun = Fair complexioned person. 3rd of five Pandavas (Dharmaraj, Bhim, Arjun, Nakul & Sahadev). Famous Archer. The third of the Pandava's prince.
Arjuna = The conqueror of sleep.
Arka = The Sun.
Arkesh = The Sun.
Arkeshwar = The Sun.
Arlen = Pledge.
Arlo = Strong. Manly.
Arman = Army man.
Armaan = Hope. Desire.
Armand = Warrior.
Armando = Army man.
Armesh = Lord of the Sea.
Armon = High place.
Armstrong = Strong of arm.
Arnan = Quick. Joyful. Torrent valley. Arnav = Sea. Ocean.
Arne = Eagle.
Arnesh = Lord of the sea. The Sea.
Arni = High. An ancestor of Jesus.
Arnie = Eagle.
Arnold = Eagle power. Strong. The eagle rules. Mighty as an eagle.
Arnon = Rushing stream
Aron = Form of Aaron.
Aroon = Dawn.
Aroop = Shapeless. God.
Arpan = Sacrifice. Give away.
Arpit = Dedicated.
Arsenio = Virile. Masculine.
Arshad = Pious.
Arshat = Jain.Ancient.
Arshia = Heavenly.
Arte = Noble.Bear man.
Artemas = Gift of the Goddess Artemis.
Arth = Meaning. Wealth. Half.
Arthur = Noble.Principled.Bear.
Artur = Noble.Principled.Bear.
Arun = Sun. Red colour. The dawn.
Arunabh = Glow of Sun.Red radiance.
Arunakant = Person shining like morning sun.
Arunakanth = Person shining like morning sun.
Arunakiran = Person shining like sun rays.
Arunamshu = Reddish rays.
Arunank = Sun.
Arunapallav = Rising Sun.
Arundel = Of the eagle dell.
Aruni = Bramha's son. Name of a devoted pupil. Arunodaya = The early dawn.
Arvad = Wanderer
Arvin = Friend of the people. The peoples friend. Arvind = Lotus.
Arvinda = Lotus.
Arya = Gentleman. Elderly person. King. Best. Aryabhatta = Name of a famous mathematician in ancient India.
Aryadev = Name of a Buddisht philosopher.
Aryak = A serpent king.Sri Krishna maternal grandfather.
Aryama = Sun.
Aryaman = The Sun.
Aryamitra = A friend of good people.
Asa = Healer. Physician. Name of the 3rd king of Judah.
Asadharan = Uncommon.Special.Rare.
Asao = Essence.
Asav = Essence.
Aseem = Limitless.
Aseem Kumar = Handful of water.
Asees = Blessings.
Asgar = Devotee.
Ashamber = The Sky.The Universe.Shiva.Vishnu.Jina.
Ashankith = Symbol of Hope.Full of hope.Without doubt fear,hesitation. Ashay = Desire.Hope.Wish.
Ashby = Of the ash tree farm.
Asher = Fortunate. Happy. Happiness. 8th son of Jacob.
Ashesh = Entire.
Ashford = Of the ash tree ford.
Ashim = Limitless.

Ashik = Lover.
Ashirvad = Blessings.Grace.
Ashis = Benediction.
Ashish = Benediction.
Ashit = Dark.
Ashla = Meadow of ash trees.
Ashley = Hope and Helpful. From the ash tree meadow.
Ashlynn = Meadow of ash trees.
Ashmit = Strong. Tough.
Ashok = Cheerful. Name of an ancient famous king. Name of a tree. Without sorrow.
Ashraf = Without grief.
Ashray = Shelter.Protection.
Ashraydat = One who gives shelter and protection.
Ashroff = Without grief.
Ashton = Ash tree town.
Ashtaavakra = Eight bends. Ashta means eight. Vakra means bend or deformity.
Ashu = Quick.

Ashur = God of military prowess and empire. Chief God of the Assyrians.
Ashutosh = Lord Shiva. One who is easily pleased.
Ashwabh = Lightening.

Ashwaghosha = A Sanskrit author and poet.
Ashwalayan = Son of Vishwamitra.
Ashwapathi = A king of Madra Kingdom.
Savitri's father.
Ashwas = Assurance.Consolation.
Ashwasan = Assurance.Consolation.
Ashwasena = Son of Takshak,A Naga son of Sri Krishna and Neela.
Ashwashivas = Son of sage Athervangiras of Badarikashram.
Ashwat = Holy peepal tree.
Ashwatanarayan = Lord Vishnu.
Ashwin = A calendar month of Hindus.
A Hindu month.
Ashwini kumar = Healer of angels(Devas).

Asim = Limitless.
Asit = Not white.
Asitabharan = Dark complexioned

Asitvaran = Dark complexioned.
Aslam = Greeting.
Aslesh = Embrance.
Asman = The Sky.
Asthamurthi = Shiva.
Asthik = One who believes in God.Son of Jarathkaru and Manasa Devi.
Asurari = Enemy of demons.Krishna.
Astoiven = Keeper of the Cats.
Aswaghosh = Name of an ancient Buddisht Philosopher.
Aswattama = Drona's son.
Aswin = A Cavalier. Name of a star.
Ayron = Exalted on high. Aaron was the brother of Moses.
Apaara = Materialistic knowledge.
Apala = Most beautiful lady.
Aparaajita = Unconquerable woman.
Aparamitha = Limitless.
Aparanji = Pure gold.
Aparna = Leafless. Parvati.
Aparoopa = Extremely beautiful woman.Special.Uncommon.
Apeksha = Expectation.Wish.Desire.
Apekshita = Desired.Welcome. Aphrodite = Goddess of love. Foam. Apolline = Feminine of Apollo.
Apoorva = Special.
Apaara = Materialistic knowledge.
April = Opening. Forthcoming. For the month April.
Apsara = Celestial maiden. Heavenly woman.A Fairy.
Apuroopa =Extremely beautiful woman.
Apurva = Special.
Aquaria = From aquarius, the constellation and Zodiacal sign.
Ara = Altar.
Arabella = Beautiful altar.
Aradhana = Worship.
Aradhite = One who is worshipped.
Aragili = Parrot.
Aranyani = Goddess of vegetation.
Aravalli = Name of a hill.
Aravinda = Blue lotus.
Archana = Worship. Prayer.
Aradhana = Worship.
Aradhite = One who is worshipped.
Archisha = A ray of light.
Archita = Worshipped woman.
Ardath = Flowering field.
Ardella = Fervent.
Arden = Eaglevalley.
Ardis = Fervent.
Areta = Virtuous.
Areth = Earth
Aretha = Best
Argenta = Silvery.
Aria = Melody of an Opera.
Ariadne = Chaste. Holy. Holyone.
Ariadyna = Came from the love.
Ariana = Holy Song/Singer/Voice. Chaste. Holy. Like silver.
Arianne = Holyone.
Ariba = Intelligent. Skillful. Heights.
Ariel = Spirit of air or water.Lion of God.
Ariella = Feminine of Ariel.
Arisina = Turmeric.Auspicious Yellow powder.
Arkaja = Sun's daughter,river Yamuna.
Arkavathi = A tributary of river Kaveri.
Arlene = Pledge.
Arisina = Turmeric.Auspicious Yellow powder.
Arkaja = Sun's daughter,river Yamuna.
Arlene = Pledge.
Armilla = Bracelet.
Armina = Warriormaid.
Arna = Cedar.
Arnolda = Feminine of Arnold.
Arpita = Dedicated.
Arpitaa = Which is offered.
Artemis = Goddess of the hunt and the moon.
Arthada = Lakshmi.
Arti(Aarti)(Arati)(Aarati) = A ritual done on auspicious occasions.
Aruna = Dawn.
Arundati = Wife of sage Vasistha.A morning star Rudrakshi garland.
Arunika = Tawny Red.
Arunima = Reddishness.Glow of dawn.
Arushi = First ray of the sun.
Arva = fertile.
Arwa = Wonderful. Magnificent. Marvellous.
Arya = Respected lady. Baby Durga.
Aryama = Respected lady.
Aryamba = Mother of Sri Sankaracharya.
Asha = Hope.Desair. Life.
Ashadeep = Light of hope.
Ashajyothi = Light of hope.
Ashakiran = Ray of hope.
Ashalatha = Creeper of hope
Ashani = Thunderbolt .Lighting. Supreme Goddess.
Ashankitha = Without fear or doubt. Ashapoornadevi = Who has fulfilled the desire.
Full of hope.
Ashavari = Name of a raga. Ashcharya(Aashcharya) = Wonder. Ashika(Aashika) = Beloved.Desired. Hope.
Ashima = Endless. Limitless. Without boundaries.
Ashira = wealthy.
Ashlesha = Name of a star
Ashlee = Ashtree meadow.
Ashley = Hope and helpful. Ash wood. From the ash-tree farm. Meadow of ash trees.
Ashna = Daughter of Bali.
Ashwabha = Lightening.
Asia = For the continent Asia.
Asima = Endless. Limitless. Without boundaries.
Aslin = Dream.
Asita = River.
Asmita = One with ego.
Aspasia = welcome.
Astra = star
Astrid = Divine strength. Divinepower.
Aswini = Name of a star Female horse.

Atal = Immoveable.
Atamaj = Son.
Atanu = The Cupid.
Ateendra = Super sensory. God. Beyond the cognisance of 5 senses.
Ateeth = Inconceiveable to sense organs.God.
Atharva = Another name of God Ganesh. One of the Vedas.
Atharvana = An Atter. Place where oblations are made, worshipped by the priest. The 3rd veda. Another name for Siva.
Atherton = From the spring-farm.
Atherva = Sage. Son of Angiras.
Athervan = One of the four Vedas.
Athindr = King of Supremacy.
Athithi = Rama's grandson.Guest.
Athreya = Descendant of Athri. A disciple of sage Vamadeva.
Atif = Compassionate. Kind.
Atindra = Super sensory. God. Beyond the cognisance of 5 senses.
Atisay = Superiority. Excellence. Miracle
Atishay = Superiority. Excellence. Miracle
Atithi = Guest.
Atlas = Greek mythological figure, titan who challenged the gods and was punished by being made to hold the sky on his shoulders for eternity.
Atley = Dweller in the meadow.
Atma = Soul.
Atmalingam = Shivalingam.
Atmanand = Supreme Bliss.
Atmananda = Bliss of soul.
Atmaram = God within oneself.
Atmavan = Vishnu.
Atri = Sage. Father of Dattatreya and Doorvasa.
Atticus = From Athens. An Armenian saints name.
Atul = One who cannot be weighed.God.Matchless.
Atulya = Matchless. Who cannot be weighed.
The God.
Atwater = From the water's edge.
Atwell = Dweller at the spring.
Atwood = Forest dweller.
Aubrey = Noble. Elf-king. Rules with elf wisdom.
Auden = Old friend.
Audric = Old or wise ruler.
Audrey = Noble truth.
Audwin = Prosperous friend.
August = A calendar month. Dignity. Majestic. Grandeur.
Augustine = Majestic.
Augustus = Exalted.
Aum = Good.
Aurilio = Golden. One of the great emperors.
Austen = Exalted.
Austen = Exalted.
Austin = Exalted. Variant of August. Majestic.
Avadesh = Invulnerable king. King Dasaratha father of Lord Ram.
Avalok = Who beholds.
Avalokiteshar = Buddha.
Avaneendra = King of the earth.
Avaneesh = Master of the earth. King of the earth.
Avanendra = Lord of the earth.
Avani = Earth
Avanimohan = Sri Krishna.
Avanindra = King of the earth.
Avanish = Lord Vishnu. Lord of the earth.
Avatar = Incarnation of God in human form. ( Dasaavataras : 1.Matysa, 2.Kurma, 3.Varaha, 4.Narasimha, 5.Vamana,
6.Parasurama, 7.Rama, 8.Balarama, 9.Krishna & 10.Kalki).
Averell = Born in April.
Avery = Rules with elf wisdom. A form of Aubrey.
Avichai = My father lives.
Avidan = Father of justice.
Aviel = God is my father.
Avik = Strength of a diamond.
Avinash = Eternal. No death. Indestructable.
Avishalom = Father of peace.
Avishkar = Invention.
Avkash = Leisure. Limitless. Chance. Oppurtunity.
Avlokiteshwara = A Bodhisattva ranked as high as god.
Avnish = Lord of earth.
Avrodhan = One who observes restraint. Avtar = Incarnation.
Ayyappan = Name of a Hindu God. One who clears doubts.
Axel = Father of peace. Variant of Absalom.
Aayakumar = Son of Urvashi an Puroonava son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Ayan = Motion.
Ayanda = Many.
Ayers = Heir to a fortune.

Aylsworth = Of great worth.
Aylward = Noble guardian.
Ayo = Ray of light.
Ayodhyanath = Sri Rama.
Ayodhyaram = Sri Rama.
Ayukumar = Son of Urvashi an Puroonava son of Sri Krishna and Bhadra.
Ayush = Life.

Ayushmaan = Long-lived.
Azar = Ageless. God.
Azeez = Friend.
Azhar = Ageless. God. Famous.
Aziz = Famous.
Azizi = My Darling.
Azman = Times. Season.
Azzam = Almighty. Lord.

Atalaya = Watchtower.
Atara = Crown.
Atefa = Compassionate. Kind.
Athalia = God is mighty.
Athena = The Goddess of wisdom.
Atianna = Little Princess.
Atifa = Compassionate. Kind.
Atira = Prayer.
Atishaya = Superiority.Preeminance.
Atithi = Guest.
Atlanta = A huntress in greek mythology.
Attar = Scent fragnance.
Atulya = Unequalled
Aubree = Golden-haired queen of the spirit world.
Audrey = Noble Strength. Strong. Strength to over come.
Augusta = Majestic. Grand.Feminine form of August.
Aura = Breeze.Goddess of Breeze.
Aurelia = Goddess of Dawn; Golden.
Aurora = Dawn.
Autumn = Ice Princess. For the season.
Ava = Bird. Birdlike.
Avani = Earth
Avanji = Daughter of Earth.Seetha
Avanthi = Name of a historical city.
Avatoda = Name of a river in Heaven.
Avery = Rules with elf wisdom.
Aviella = God is my father.
Avinashini = Eternal.Imperishable.
Avital = Dew of my father.
Aviva = Spring.
Avoda = Work.
Ayah = Bright.
Ayala = Gazelle.
Ayanna = Innocent. Anything.
Ayofemi =Joy loves me. The Joy of God is with me.
Ayushi = Long life.
Aylivia = Unique; Blessed or Anointed.
Azalea = From the flower Azalea.
Azelia = Helped by God
Aziza = Beloved.Precious. Beautiful.
Azura = Sky-blue.
Azusena = Lily..



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