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Biff = Strong One.
Biji = Spark of Light.
Bijjal = King.
Bikal = Pain.
Bikram = Prowess.
Biligiriranga = Lord Ranganath on Bilgiri hills in Mysore district(India). Bill = Strong. William.
Billoj = Bowman.
Billy = Nickman for William(Strong). Bilva = A sacred leaf. A tree,the leaves of which are used to worship Shiva.
Bimal = Pure.
Bimbisar = A king.
Bindumadhav = Diety of Vishnu of Kashi.
Bindusar = Son of the emperor Ashok.
Binod = Morning.
Bipin = Forest.
Bipin Chandra = Forest moon.
Birch = From the tree birch.
Birla = Surname.
Bisaj = Lotus.
Bitashok = One who does not mourn.
Bjorn = Bear
Blade = Kinfe. Sword.
Blagden = From the dark valley.
Blaine = Name of a saint. Lean one.
Blair = Child of the fields. Plain. Field of battle. Blaise = Lisp. Stutter. Fire. Name of
a 4th century saint.
Blake = Pale. Dark-haired.Black.
Bo = Precious. A nickname.
Boaz = Strength in the Lord.
Bob = Robert.
Bobby = Short form of Robert.
Boden = Shelter.
Bodhan = Kindling.
Bodhisattva = Lord Buddha.
Bogart = Strongh as a bow.
Bokul = Nagakesara tree.
Bolton = Of the manor farm.
Bond = Tiller of the soil.
Bonnie = Beautiful. Pretty.
Boniface = Who does good works.
Boone = Good. A blessing.
Booth = Of the hut.
Borak = The lightning.
Borden = Of the boar valley.
Borg = Castle.
Boris = Fighter.
Boudhayan = The name of a sage.
Bowen = Son of Owen.
Bowie = Yellow-haired.
Boyce = Lives near the wood. Dweller.
Boyd = Blonde. Fair-haired. Light-haired.
Boyden = Herald.
Boynton = From the white cow river.
Brad = Broad. Wide.
Bradburn = Broad brook.
Braddock = Broad spreading oak.
Braden = Broad hill side. Of the wide valley.
Bradford = From the broad ford.
Bradley = Broad clearing in the wood. Broad meadow.
Bradshaw = From the broad grove.
Bradwell = From the broad spring.
Brady = Broad. Spirited.
Braeden = Broad hill side. Of the wide valley.
Braelee = Little poetic white spirited raven.
Brahadeesh = Lord Siva.
Brahma = Supreme being.
Brahmadutt = Dedicated to Lord
Brahma. Brahmishta = Father of Vibhoothi.Priest of Kurus.
Brainard = Bold raven.
Bram = Short form of Abraham. Bramble. A thicket of wild gorse.
Bramabrata = Ascetic.
Bramwell = From the well of Abraham.
Bran = Raven.
Brand = Beacon. Sword. Fiery torch.
Brandon = Beacon on the hill. Gorse covered hill.
Brannon = Variant of Brandon.
Branson = Son of Brand.
Brant = Variant of Brand. Joseph Brant, a Mohawk was a reknowned strategic who fought on the British side during American Revolution. He was also a devout scholar who translated christian religion works into his native tounge.
Bratindra = Devoted to right deeds.
Braxton = Joy.
Brayden = Broad hill side. Of the wide valley.
Breanne = Strong. Virtuous. Honorable.
Breck = Freckled.
Brendan = Prince. Little raven.
Brennan = Raven Haired. Dark maiden. Variant of Brendan.
Brent = High Place. Hill top.
Brenton = From the steep hill.
Brett = Brit. A native of Britain.
Brewster = One who brews ale.
Brewer = Hill Place. He ascends. Strength. Honour.
Brian = Strong.
Brianna = Strong. Honorable. Virtuous.
Brianne = Strong. Honorable. Virtuous.
Briar = Without pain.
Brice = Of Britain. Quick moving.
Brick = Bridge.
Brig = Bigman. Tough.
Brigham = Dweller at the bridge.
Brihadashwa = A sage.
Brihaspathi = Doctor and teacher of Devas. Brijanand = Sri Krishna who lived in Brijbhoomi. Brijesh = King of Brij.
Brijmohan = Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna who
lived in Brijbhoomi.
Brijraj = King of Brij.
Briohadbal = Uddhva's brother Sri Krishna's cousin. Brock = Badger. Variant form of Brook.
Brockley = From the badger meadow.
Broder = Brother.
Broderick = Brother. Son of Roderick.
Brodie = Name of a place. Ditch.
Brody = Beard unusual.
Bromley = From the broom meadow.
Bronson = Son of Brown. Son of the dark-skinned one.
Brook = From the brooks.
Brooks = Water. Stream.
Brougher = From the fortress.
Bruce = Name of a place. From the brushwood thicket.
Bruno = Brown. Of dark complexion. Bryan = Variant form of Brian (Hill place).
Bryant = Variant form of Brian
(Hill place).
Bryce = Of Britain. Surname. Form of Brice.
Bryn = Hill
Bryer = Without pain.
Buchard = Strong as a castle.
Buck = Male deer. Buck deer.
Buckley = From the buck meadow. Bud = Brother.
Budd = Herald. Messenger.
Buddha = Gautham.Siddartha.
Buddhadeva = Gautama Buddha. Buddhisagar = Sea of intellect or knowledge.
Budha = A planet.Son of moon .
Budhil = Learned.
Buell = Hill dweller.
Burdett = Surname. Little shield. Burford = From the castle ford. Burgess = Townsman.
Burke = Fortified hill. From the stronghold.
Burl = Fortified. Cup bearer.
Burleigh = From the castle meadow.
Burne = Brown.Brook.
Bear Burr = Youth.
Burt = Fortified.
Burton = From the fortress.
Byford = From the river crossing. Byram = Surname. Of the cattleyard.
Byrd = Bird like.
Byron = From the cottage.
Baako = First Born.
Babatte = Elizabeth. Consecrated to God.
Bahati = Fortunate.
Bailey = Steward. Public official. Courtyard with castle walls.
Bala = Daughter of Lalitha Parameshwari, who is always a nine year old girl.
Balamani = Gem among children.
Bambi = Little child. Pet name.
Bamini = Shining. Beautiful. Radiant
Baptista = Baptized.
Barbara = Foreign. Foreign land. Strange.
Basanthi = The spring season.
Basaveshwari = Goddess Parvathi.
Basila = Feminine of Basil.
Batami = Daughter of my people.
Bat-Ami = Daughter of the oath.
Bathilda = Battle maid.
Bathsheba = Daughter of the oath.
Batya = Daughter of the God.
Beata = Happy. Blessed one.
Beatrice = She who brings joy.
Beatriz = Brings joy.
Becky = Short form of Rebecca.
Beena = Incidence.
Bela = White fragrant flower.
Belen = Bethlehem.
Belicia = Dedicated to God.
Belinda = Beautiful and Pretty. Beautiful girl.
Bella = Beautiful. Pledged to god. Lovely one. Fair.
Belenen = Star of waters.
Belle = Beautiful.
Benecia = Blessed one.
Benedicta = Femenine of Benedict.
Benigna = Kind.
Benita = Blessed.
Berdina = Glorious.
Berenice = One who brings victory.
Berkeley = The birch tree meadow. Where birches grow.
Bernadette = Feminine of Bernard. Little strong bear.
Bernadine = Feminine form of Bernard.
Berne = Bold as bear.
Bernice = One who brings victory.
Bertha = Bright. Shining one.
Bertina = Bright.
Beryl = A Gem stone. From the gem Beryl.
Bessy = Consecrated to God. Elizabeth.
Beth = A form of Elizabeth.Consecrated to God. Bethany = Biblical place name. Name of a village near Jerusalem where Jesus visited Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Home of Lazarus. House of dates. House of figs. House of poverty.
Bethea = Name of maid servant of Jehovah.
Bethel = House of God.
Bethesda = House of mercy.
Betsy = Consecrated to God. Elizabeth.
Betty = A form of Elizabeth. Consecrated to God. Beulah = Claimed as a wife. A name symbolic of the heavenly Zion. She who will marry.
Beverly = Name of a place. Beaver stream. Meadow dweller.
Bevis = Name of a place.
Bhaanvee = The sun.
Bhadrawathi = Wife of King Pareekshit. Bhageerathi = River Ganga.
Bhagya Lakshmi = Goddess of Wealth.
Bhairavi = Parvathi. One of the melodies in Classical music.
Bhamini(Bhaamini) = A lady. A Ghandarva maiden.
Bhanumathi = Wife of Duryodhana.
Bharani = Name of a Star Bharathi = Saraswathi.Mother of India.
Bhargavi(Bhaargavi) = Lakshmi,Parvathi.
Bhavana = Feeling. Idea.
Bhavani,Bhavanthi = Parvathi.
Bhoodevi = Mother earth. Vishnu's consort.
Bhramaramba = Parvathi.
Bhumica = Character. Role. Introduction.
Bhuvana = The Earth
Bhuvaneshwari = The Earth
Bianca = Fair. White. Shining.
Bibi = Lady. Wife.
Bijali = Lightening.Active.Electricity. Billie = Determination. Strength.
Bimla = Vimala. Pure.
Bina = Understanding Bindhiya = Dew drop,Point.
Bindhiya = Dew drop,Point.
Bindu = Dew drop,Point.
Bindusree = Dew drop,Point.
Binti = Daughter.
Binjal = Goddess.
Binty = Daughter.
Birdena = Little bird.
Birdie = Bird.
Birgitta = Strong.
Bithika = Path between trees.
Blaine = Surname.
Blair = Field of battle.
Blake = Black.
Blanche = Fair. White.
Bliss = Joy. Cheer. Gladness.
Blondell = Fair-haired blonde.
Blossom = Flower.
Bluebell = Flower name.
Bluma = Flower like.
Blythe = Light hearted. Joyful one
Bo = Precious. A nickname.
Bobbie = Nickname of Roberta and Barabara.
Bonita = Little good one. Pretty. Bonnie = Charming. Good. Pretty. Brandy = Name of a beverage. Sword. Liquor.
Branwen = White Raven.
Breanna = Brianna.
Breck = Freckled.
Bree = Pill.
Breena = Fairy palace.Raven Maiden.
Brenda = Princess. Fiery.
Brenna = Variant of Brenda (Princess). Raven.
Brett = Brit.
Bretta = Feminie of Bret.
Briana = Feminine of Brian.
Brianna = She ascends.
Briar = a wild rose with prickly thorns.
Bridget = Saint. Strong. An Irish Goddess. Strength.
Briean = Strength.
Brina = Short form of Sabrina (Goddess).
Brinda = Tulasi.
Brinthadevi = Queen of garden.
Brionna = Variant of Brianna.
Briony = Name of a flowering vine used in folk medicine.
Brisa = The Greek name of the woman
loved by Achilles.
Brit = Spotted. Freckled.
Britannia = From Britain.
Britt = Strength.
Brittany = From England.
Brittney = From England.
Brittania = A poetic name for the Great Britain. Roman name of Great Britain.19th
Century Literary sisters, Anne, Charlotte
and Emily Bronte
Bontee = Name derived from the 19thCentury Literary sisters, Anne, Charlotte and Emily Bronte
Bronte = Name derived from the
Bronwyn = White-breasted.
Brooke = Dwellar by the brook. Water. Stream. Feminine of Brook.
Brunella = Brown-haired.
Brunhilda = Hereoine.
Bryce = Name of a saint.
Bryn = Hill.
Bryna = Feminine of Brian (hill place).
Buena = Good.
Byzanta = From the ancient city of Byzantium.


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